Three SR restaurants for sale

UPDATE: The owner of Saigon Bistro claims the restaurant is NOT for sale as previously reported by BiteClub. In an email to PD sales staff (phone calls and emails to BiteClub have not be returned at this time), Kim Ngo says that the information obtained by BiteClub about the 4-month old restaurant being for sale is incorrect.

What’s the hubub about? A recent online posting on a local classified site stated, “Our beautiful downtown Santa Rosa restaurant is for sale. The owner is retiring from the business. Please check out our website” Who posted the ad is still a mystery. The downtown restaurant is the fourth tennant to occupy the space in the last two years, preceeded by Vivere, Nirvana and Tahini Grill. BiteClub stands by the information available at the time of the posting.

Also listed on Craigslist for sale is Trisha’s Lumpia which relocated from Petaluma to Santa Rosa last spring. On two recent trips to the restaurant during business hours, the lights were off and the door locked. Also posted on the online classified site is the popular 50’s diner, the Stony Point Grill.

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11 thoughts on “Three SR restaurants for sale

  1. This is one of the most nice blogs Ive read in a very long time. The amount of great information in here is stunning, like you practically wrote the book on the subject. Your blog is great for anyone.

  2. Do you know that anyone can go to Craigslist and post for free? I can go to the website and post that the Flavor restaurant for sale. Why cannot you make an effort to call me or step by the place (which is across from the PD) to check with the source. By doing this you are HURTING my business and my employee’s paycheck. It does not matter how many restaurants closed down at this building. We are different than those places in term of the food, service, and style.

  3. Kim, I’ve reached out to you personally as well as your landlord. I’m not going to wage a public battle here, but I stand by the information I have. There have been four restaurants in that space in the last two years. I look forward to hearing your side of the story. If you’d like to post the details here, go for it.

  4. This is Kim, the owner of Saigon Bistro, the place is not “perpetually-cursed.” I am very upset at the news! This is unprofessional work and I am disappoint at the Press Democrat to public such false information!

  5. I can’t BELIEVE it about Stony Point Grill. I LOVE that place! So sad! Great prices, great food, great drinks. Maybe we can save it if we go there? Or is it a done deal?

  6. Fyi, the Saigon Bistro has been really busy for lunches. I heard the owner was ready to sell because it was now established and turn-key. Not sure if retiring means that the location is “perpetually cursed.”
    Was the ad a fire sale or reflect the value of a successful biz?

  7. Stony Point has awesome wings – but that recipe isn’t theirs it was acquired when they bought the restaurant from the “Bucks”…. Remember Santa Rosa Grill (downtown) NOW that was a happenin’ place!!

  8. Trisha’s is in the shopping center on the corner of Dutton and Sebastopol Rd. Across the street from Lola’s.
    My co-worker and I went there for a lunch a couple weeks ago and it was locked up — no sign, nothing.

  9. Well, I hope if Stony Point Grill sells, it won’t change…It has GOOD honest-to-god diner food and a friendly bar staff…The “50’s retro” decor is kinda lame but that was from days past and they don’t really play into it anymore. What’s funny is that they’re always busy when I go in there and it ain’t for the decorations lol

  10. You may want to check the accuracy of information concerning Trisha’s. I understand that the restaurant has been sold, and is open under new management.

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