These Local Designers Are Selling Stylish Face Masks Online

Don't have the time or skills to sew your own? These fashion, handbag and accessories brands are making face masks for you.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, face mask-related directives and the culture surrounding them are changing fast. We’ve gone from “don’t you dare wear one” to “okay, wear a homemade one” to “now you have to wear one” in only a few weeks time. This puts many of us firmly in the zone of  “good luck finding one” and scrambling to create our own.

Thankfully, for those of us less skilled in the art of sewing, major fashion houses and local artisans are lending a helping hand by putting a stylish spin on face masks for the public while also producing protective clothing for front line workers.

Click through the above gallery to see some of our favorite face masks from Sonoma County, the Bay Area and beyond.

Whether you make your own mask or buy one, it’s important to follow CDC has guidelines and keep it clean. Here’s how


4 thoughts on “These Local Designers Are Selling Stylish Face Masks Online

  1. While they are all interesting or lovely, too many of those shown on humans do not fit well enough around the nose or the chin/beneath the chin to be as protective as they could be…

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