These Local Bookstores Are Offering Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Thanks to Sonoma County's stalwart independent booksellers, we can still get our hands on paperbacks and hardcovers in a timely manner.

The shelter-in-place orders due to Covid-19 have drastically changed how we spend our free time. Many of our favorite pastimes — spending time at the beach, in restaurants and cafes — have suddenly vanished. One activity that remains, however, and that even seems to have increased in popularity during the pandemic is reading. Perhaps because it helps us relax and allows us to escape the current crisis, at least for a moment.

But with bookstore browsing and next-day delivery no longer available to us, we need to find alternate ways to access books. While firing up the e-reader or downloading titles onto the computer or smartphone is one option, many of us might want to take a break from screens. Thanks to Sonoma County’s stalwart booksellers, we can still get our hands on paperbacks and hardcovers: several are now offering curbside pickup and delivery during limited hours. Click through the above gallery for details.

Barnes and Noble in Santa Rosa is closed. You can order online for delivery. Are you a local bookseller offering curbside pickup or delivery? Send us an email and we will add you to the list.