Terry’s Southern Style Fish & BBQ Returns

An old friend, Terry's Southern Style Fish & BBQ returns to Sonoma County after 10 years. And brings back its peach cobbler to boot.

Peach Cobbler at Terry's Southern Style Fish and BBQ. Photo from Facebook
Peach Cobbler at Terry’s Southern Style Fish and BBQ. Photo from Facebook
Peach Cobbler at Terry's Southern Style Fish and BBQ. Photo from Facebook
Peach Cobbler at Terry’s Southern Style Fish and BBQ. Photo from Facebook

Back in 2005 I had a moment with the peach cobbler at Terry’s Southern Style Fish and BBQ.

This gritty barbecue spot along one of the grittier sections of Santa Rosa Ave. was a mecca of fall-of-the-bone ribs, hush puppies, catfish and Momma’s Boss Sauce, but it was the ridiculously uncomplicated plastic bowl of cooked peaches and sugared crust that made me fall hard. There was no fussiness with pedigreed peaches (I’m fairly sure they were canned), French butter or organic, fair trade sugar. Just a bear hug of warm, steaming deliciousness tossed ungracefully on the table with a side of bent silverware.

But then, like a bad boyfriend, Terry’s disappeared without so much as a goodbye. I dallied with other desserts, but it wasn’t the same.

Now, ten years later, a head-snapping sign along Hwy. 101 is heralding the barbecue restaurant’s triumphant return to Sonoma County. Huzzah!

Slated for an August opening in Rohnert Park, the revamped Terry’s has already put up hand-lettered signs in the windows for BBQ ribs and hot links along with Facebook promises of my old flame, peach cobbler.

Terry’s Southern Style Fish & BBQ coming this summer, 5979 Commerce Blvd., Rohnert Park.

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7 thoughts on “Terry’s Southern Style Fish & BBQ Returns

  1. I just tried to call them; the phone is out of service and according to Google, the place is permanently closed. That’s a shame; the couple of times I ate there the food was great and the service was gracious.

  2. Excited for my fried catfish and shrimp.
    My mom loved the ribs.
    My guy friends loved the fried chicken
    We all loved the coconut cake when one of the sons would be on break from school

  3. It’s late October and Terry’s in Rohnert Park is still not open. At least a Now Hiring sign has gone up on a window.

  4. Looking forward to the opening of Terry’s Southern Style Fish and BBQ in Rohnert Park. BTW, Ben Terry is so much alive and kicking, and running this awesome place with the help of his children.

  5. Awesome news. Is it Ben Terry’s son running the show? This place was/is one of the best BBQ spots in the whole bay area. They hopefully will have the same hot links and hush puppies. I have been jonesing for some Terry Family BBQ for a long time. I am stoked. Hopefully it will still be as good as when Ben was running it (RIP Ben)

  6. I like the read on terrys bbq and since the grand opening is in August 2015 I hope Terry boy cooks his ass off the hot sauce is fire and the ribs do fall right of the bone

  7. I think about that place every time I drive by where it used to be on Santa Rosa Avenue! This is such great news!!

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