Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco Fail

Hint, it looks nothing like the picture

tacofailOkay, so BiteClub’s a sucker for new promotions, especially when they involve bacon and waffles and guys named Ronald McDonald.

But the widely touted new “Waffle Tacos” at Taco Bell given the thumbs up by Ronald McDonalds nationwide?

Epic disappointment. Epic!

How a waffle can manage to be soggy and tough at the same time is a mind-bender. Mostly, but not quite melted cheese. Ultra-greasy bits of bacon and eggs. Or sausage and eggs. We couldn’t really tell the difference between the two. And no damn syrup.

Blech. Pass.

I’ll stick with my sausage breakfast burrito at the golden arches. Or better yet, the dreamy (locally made) sticky buns and ginger scones at my fave coffee haunt, SoCo Coffee (1015 4th St, Santa Rosa, (707) 527-6434, closed Sunday).