Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco Fail

Hint, it looks nothing like the picture

tacofailOkay, so BiteClub’s a sucker for new promotions, especially when they involve bacon and waffles and guys named Ronald McDonald.

But the widely touted new “Waffle Tacos” at Taco Bell given the thumbs up by Ronald McDonalds nationwide?

Epic disappointment. Epic!

How a waffle can manage to be soggy and tough at the same time is a mind-bender. Mostly, but not quite melted cheese. Ultra-greasy bits of bacon and eggs. Or sausage and eggs. We couldn’t really tell the difference between the two. And no damn syrup.

Blech. Pass.

I’ll stick with my sausage breakfast burrito at the golden arches. Or better yet, the dreamy (locally made) sticky buns and ginger scones at my fave coffee haunt, SoCo Coffee (1015 4th St, Santa Rosa, (707) 527-6434, closed Sunday).



18 thoughts on “Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco Fail

  1. I’m quite entertained by the article and it does seem to have gathered interest. Although, it was a forgone conclusion this would have not ended pretty. Just glad I’m not the one to suffer for the tale. I’d actually be interested to hear about fast food that is worthwhile. Although I too would turn my nose up at being a fast food eater, I’m guilty as charged with the occasional drive through stop at a shortened lunch hour. The biggest hypocrite can probably be counted as one of the billion served. Keep it coming!

  2. can we please talk about real actual food…because if you going to eat it, it should be real actual food. the way americans “eat” is horrible. if your educated enough, you should know where real wholesome food comes from. why we bring attention to this by product of food that is literally killing americans is beside me. I think we should be more proud of the County we come from and show that support always..not where to get cheap twinkles.

    1. Which is why i call out the better choice, which are the pastries from Village Bakery at SoCo coffee.

      1. too funny…and Ms. SHHHH Meggie doesn’t know how to capitalize. And “real actual food” is pert near all Ms. Heather and the rest of us talk about here. Real, and actual doesn’t always equate to delicious nor wholesome. (a “by product of food” wth? and again, if YOU’RE educated, that would be by-product, as in animal by-product). And Heather IS discussing a food item. Get off the comments page if you don’t like the subject matter how about? And what the hell are cheap twinkles? go away.

  3. While I did not expect the real to look like the photo, that actually looks better than I thought, especially for a place that is not known for either waffles or eggs. That U shaped “thing” looks too processed, while the real photo looks “handmade”-maybe not artisan, but real?

  4. Good Grief. It’s cheap fast food. It’s going to fill you up at a low cost, be served hot, and not taste bad. No more and no less. If you want better food, cook it yourself or go to sit down restaurant.
    Weak attempt by a snobby reviewer to sound less snobby by endorsing a similar item at McDonalds.

    1. Wow. Thought I was fooling everyone with that MickeyDs reference. Now where are the people shaking their fists at how lowbrow I am? Me and my giant head.

      1. Doesn’t take criticism well either. Giant head and lowbrow, not quite q good fit. Try maybe pompous and tool.

        1. I am more frequently described as supercilious. And most of us left the word “tool” back in the 90s where it belongs.

          1. Whoa there, Heather. Five syllables may be four too many for the comments section of the innerwebs.

    2. You just can’t say you disagree with someone else’s opinion on a topic.Is this the type of engagement you want out of people who disagree with you on light or heavy topics?

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