Speakeasy – Petaluma

Pork belly tacos, lobster mac at the late night Speakeasy in Petaluma

Speakeasy Tacos at Speakeasy in Petaluma
Speakeasy Taco Trio — pork belly, chicken tomatillo and salmon — at Speakeasy in Petaluma

Working in restaurants is a hungry business. Despite being surrounded by food, most kitchen staff and servers leave their jobs hungry, tired and ready for a beer at 10 p.m. or so — just about the time most eateries shutter in Sonoma County.  Serving the county’s late night cravings with Lobster and Bacon Mac, the egg-topped Croque Madame, Sweet and Spicy Pork Belly and Wild Salmon Tacos is Speakeasy

Lobster Mac and Cheese at Speakeasy
Lobster Mac and Cheese at Speakeasy

Open from 5p.m. to 2 a.m., the tiny bar and dining room has quickly become a late-night hangout not only for industry folks, but also for barflies and revelers looking for a post-party nosh. 

The tapas-style menu covers all the bases — from creamy asparagus soup with tarragon creme fraiche ($6) to butternut squash and goat cheese panini (with crispy pork belly, $13), vegan tahini burgers with hand-cut fries ($9), spring Pea and mushroom risotto ($10), chicken Paillard with citrus caper butter ($13), the signature lobster mac (which may run out, so order early, $13) and the smoked ham, cheese and fried egg sandwich with Mornay sauce (croque Madame, $11).

Don’t miss the Jalapeno Firecrackers ($8) which come with a verbal warning: Apparently the heat level is variable and you never know what you’ll get. Unpredictable vegetables, those jalapenos. Avocado puree and a ready glass of milk help mitigate the fear factor.

Jalapeno Firecrackers at Speakeasy in Petaluma
Jalapeno Firecrackers at Speakeasy in Petaluma

Also worth the trip is Orange-Tea infused creme brulee ($6) with cookies. So now you know where to go to quell your 1a.m. munchie-attack with a nice pork belly taco and sweet and spicy chicken wings. You’re welcome.

Speakeasy, 139 Petaluma Blvd North, Suite B, Petaluma

Orange Tea Creme Brulee at Speakeasy
Orange Tea Creme Brulee at Speakeasy
Asparagus Soup at Speakeasy
Asparagus Soup at Speakeasy
Chocolate Torte with Caramel Sauce at Speakeasy
Chocolate Torte with Caramel Sauce at Speakeasy


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2 thoughts on “Speakeasy – Petaluma

  1. Their service people are kind but terribly slow and seemingly overly medicated. They do not have many glasses so please don’t ask for water, unless you pay for the drink, don’t expect it to ever arrive.
    The jalapeno poppers are very soggy as if they just came from a jar.
    The portions are VERY small. Don’t ask for anything NOT on the menu, they will not accommodate.
    The asparagus soup is good.
    They claim to have dietary options-if you have celiac, don’t go here.

    They think the food is better than it is, it is WAY over priced. The quality was there but the flavors are not up to par.

    I will not be going back. I will not recommend.

    1. Different experience in every respect. I took my wife, daughter, and daughter’s friend there on Wednesday night. Our server proved to be a helpful and accurate menu consultant. Service was responsive and timely throughout the meal. They are transparent about plate sizes. We enjoyed every plate and liked sharing with each other. The cost for four of us was very reasonable. I will go back and I do recommend.

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