Spaghetti Pizza? Yup, it’s a thing.

The Goomba is a spaghetti-tastic pie

Spaghetti Pizza at Rosso
Spaghetti Pizza at Rosso

Missed celebrating National Spaghetti Day? So did we.

Fortunately Rosso Pizzeria & Wine Bar offers up its spaghetti and meatball pizza, called the Goomba, daily. Though it may sound like something straight from the kiddie menu, this grown-up, wood-fired pizza is anything but childish. In fact, it’s one of their best sellers.

Hailing from their days at Tra Vigne, co-owner Kevin Cronin said the spaghetti pizza was a popular staff nibble during busy shifts when crusts became a handy on-the-go transport for bites of spaghetti and meatballs. You’ll be a believer.

53 Montgomery Drive  Santa Rosa, 544-3221.