Sonoma Sourdough Sandwiches a Hidden Gem in Rohnert Park

This Rohnert Park lunch spot isn't easy to find, but the deli sandwiches are delicious.

The quality of a deli is a sort of math equation: The number of construction trucks in the parking divided by the number of minutes it takes to get your sandwich multiplied by the sum of the number of flavors of potato chips. Extra points for homemade cookies at the counter, more than an inch of meat or a solid Reuben.

Sonoma Sourdough Sandwiches on State Farm Drive in Rohnert Park ranks a solid 15 on the deli scale, and that’s before even weighing in the fact that their sandwiches come on a hearty, toasted sourdough sub roll. They have a solid Reuben, natch, along with more than a dozen sandwiches on the menu ranging from a meaty combination of cold cuts to spicy chicken or vegetarian.

Special orders gladly accepted. Service is coldly efficient but makes for a lightning fast in and out. The digs are minimal, but most folks order to go. It’s hidden away in an industrial area so you won’t get many slowpokes holding up the line with annoying questions about gluten-free bread or vegan mayo. In, out, eat.

5440 State Farm Drive, Rohnert Park. Locations also at 7285 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park and 1320 Industrial Ave., Petaluma.

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16 thoughts on “Sonoma Sourdough Sandwiches a Hidden Gem in Rohnert Park

  1. When I order a sandwich, I like to mess with the order taker by asking for “extra high gluten bread.” Gluten intolerance is a fad for most people who have convinced themselves they need gluten free, even though they are symptom free. Humans have been making bread with wheat flour for thousands of years with very little health affect for most people. Yet now just about every hypochondriac snowflake is suddenly gluten intolerant. Idiots. Furthermore, Veganism is a mental disorder, get over yourselves carnivores.

  2. Please someone tell me the Reuben is good! been on a search for some years. Ullia’s is good, but a little far from me. Cotati area..

  3. Why is it annoying to ask about gluten free bread? Some of us have legit allergies and would like to be able to enjoy a sandwich too. Maybe with it being such a huge allergy affecting a large majority of the population, people like me should be annoyed that there aren’t more gluten free options.

    1. From everything I’ve heard and read, gluten only affects a very small percentage of the population, and all the gluten-free options are largely unnecessary and overblown.

      1. 3 million in the US so overall a small percentage of the population in the US but I meet people all the time that have Celiac or who have Non-Celiac gluten sensitivity. I don’t agree that gluten free options are largely unnecessary and overblown. I get really sick if I have it. Many places have gluten free options included on their menu now but many still don’t.

    2. People with true gluten allergies take many precautions because it is a life-threatening condition. They aren’t going to a deli in Rohnert Park to take their chances on cross-contamination. People who stand in line whining about their gluten-free lifestyle choices are irritating. If you want gluten-free, great, ask away, but then move along. I’ve spent too many hours of my life listening to people whine and argue about why the world needs to cater to their self-diagnosed issues.

      1. It can be life threatening for some but not all. I agree that there are some people that want to be gluten free because they think they will lose weight or for other “lifestyle choices”. Just saying that there are plenty of us that are not self-diagnosed and have an actual allergy and again it’s nice for a place to offer selections. I find it irritating that people are saying it’s so annoying for them etc…when they hear someone mention the gluten allergy. I don’t recall ever hearing someone complain when someone says they have a peanut allergy.

      2. Wow, that was harsh. The PD lets you insult their readers? It’s bad enough that we have to put up with your elitist articles, now you get to bash a reader and their allergies? Wow.

  4. This started as Michael’s Sourdough, a high quality Marin County chain. When I saw the name changed at the University Center location in RP I was worried. But I think it’s still as good if not better than it was when it was Michael’s.

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