Sick day

Yes, BiteClubbers, I know you’re angry with me. Tired of seeing the same tired entries for a week. If I may play upon your sympathies, I have an excuse. Several actually. The dog ate my homework. My great Aunt Elma died. My sass is slumping. I have the flu.

The last two are actually true. Like most of the county, I’ve been laid up at home for days slurping soup out of a can. Eating boxed mashed potatoes, tuna casserole and Jell-O. Nursery food. Not exactly the stuff you’re craving to hear about and it would hardly be sporting of me to show up at restaurants with a seriously stuffed up schnoz.

I do have a few little tidbits to share, however.

When I start feeling crummy, I head for serious comfort food. Traverso’s (106 B St., Santa Rosa, 707.542.2530) comes to the rescue with their homemade meatloaf. Grab a slice or two at the deli counter–it’s just the right blend of meat, bread and marinara to cure what’s ailing you. Because I’m absolutely sure that tomato sauce has serious curative properties, I’ve been slinking around the ravioli shops in town as well. The ravioli’s been disappointing, but I found paydirt after ording a hefty chunk of mostaccioli from Paolo’s Ravioli Deli (1422 4th St., Santa Rosa, 707.526.3435). It’s a gut-busting chunk of pasta, sauce and cheese that tastes like moms. This Santa Rosa institution is warm and toasty inside, with happy checkered tablecloths and a stack of trashy tabloid magazines that can’t help but make you feel better.

Wrestling myself out of bed for an Echinacea-pumped Odwalla (my go-to-cure-all), I found salvation on a paper plate. Whole Foods in Santa Rosa has been offering samples of their holiday turkey dinner to lucky shoppers–turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and cranberry sauce all piled together. Heaven. They’ve also got a mean tomato macaroni in the deli that’s manna for the soul.

Hot and sour soup’s my other restorative. You can get a pretty decent cup at Ting Hau (717 4th St, Santa Rosa, 707.545.5204), but for sheer convenience, I can usually be found hunched over a steaming bowl at the nearby Golden Dragon (401 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa). Once you’re on the mend, check out new Stix Asian Grill (6285 Commerce Blvd S, Rohnert Park). It’s nothin’ fancy, but the spicy beef and fried rice isn’t half bad if you’re in a rush. Plus, there’s a gelateria fixing to open next door.

But I’m not done with my excuses. Oh no. For the last nine months or so I’ve been moonlighting, daylighting and spending just about every waking hour on another project that’s finally getting off the ground. (you may have seen the ads on has launched in BETA version. And yours truly has put a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears into this project. More about it later. But Miss BiteClub has been plenty busy skulking around Wine Country sussing out the coolest stuff to see and do. Check it out. There’s still lots of work to be done, but I’m always looking for your input. Be kind to my baby.

Enough excuses. Stay tuned for more adventures. I promise to get back on the trail soon. Happy Holidays. Happy New Year. And keeping eating. Chow! (Sniffle. Cough.)