Namaste to Priya’s 20-plus item Indian lunch buffet for the bargain price of $8.95. With their steam tables just about a week old, it’s by far the best conglomeration of curry BiteClub’s found in recent memory. Featuring Indian cuisine of the north and south, the Rohnert Park restaurant doesn’t spare the spices in these top-notch dishes.

Freshly made offerings (the staff start cooking every morning at 7am) range from simple vegetarian daal, paneer, tandoori and chicken curry to more unusual offerings: Idli (steamed rice cases); utappam (rice pancakes with onions and chilis); goat tikka; keema mattar (ground lamb curry), masala kidney beans and a tikka-style Chicken Makhani. The buffet also features fresh naan bread, dosa and perfumed jasmine rice. Nothing has time to dry out or congeal as a constant parade of staff refill the steam trays.

Run by Berkeley transplant Sivaleela, the former taqueria in the Mountain Shadows Plaza is already packed with a hungry lunch crowd. The set-up isn’t fancy, and things can get congested around the steam tables as folks go back for seconds and thirds. But trust me, despite a sweating brow and evacuated sinuses (dishes here can get a bit intense), you’ll want to pile your plate repeatedly. Even the desserts–shredded carrots jacked with cardamom and the ubiquitous Gulab Jamun (warm donut balls marinated in rose syrup)–are thoughtful and delicious.

The lunch buffet runs from 11am to 3pm daily. The dinner menu features many of the lunch buffet items, along with additional fish, lamb and chicken dishes. But for sheer quantity and quality, our money’s on the blessings (or priya) of this awesome new find.

913 Golf Course Drive, Rohnert Park, 707.585.2944, open daily