Woodhouse Chocolates

Funny how friends come out of the woodwork when you’ve got a box of chocolate around. Even more so when they’re wrapped up in a box so precious it makes your teeth hurt.

BiteClub has literally smacked grabby hands away from these inspired designer truffles in order to photograph them for you. The ride home from St. Helena was never quite so painful, with wafts of $22 chocolates (yeah, that’s almost $2 a piece for my tiny blue box) taunting at every turn. The chocolates made it home intact. The $12 sea salt caramels didn’t fare quite so well.

Woodhouse Chocolates, based in St. Helena, are insanely decadent delectables in flavors like Thai ginger, raspberry Chambord, brown butter ganache and passion fruit. Run by a family of former sparkling winemakers, St. Helena locals Tracy Wood Anderson and husband John get both the flavors and aesthetics that go into the mystique of making Wine Country’s most coveted candies.

I mean, have you ever actually tasted a mint chocolate that tasted like real, fresh mint?

From the tony decor to the glass cases staffed by uniformed candy gals, the whole experience feels, well, decadent. And a whole lot cheaper than diamonds.

So okay, maybe it’s the second best thing you can get in a light blue box.

Woodhouse Chocolate, 1367 Main St., St. Helena, 1.800.966.3468.