Schmaltz: The quest for chicken fat


Mmmm. Schmaltz.
Just in time for Passover, BiteClub goes on a quest for this staple of
Jewish cooking. Enjoy! Check out Syrah’s Passover Seder Saturday (April
21, 2008), a five-course non-kosher menu created in the spirit of
Passover with the Chef’s special culinary interpretation and family
recipes. Chef Josh Silvers has planned a special welcoming, communal
Passover gathering with seatings through the night beginning at 5:30
pm. Each table will have a copy of the Haggadah story, house-made
matzoh with haroset. 205 Fifth St., Santa Rosa, 568-4002.

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One thought on “Schmaltz: The quest for chicken fat

  1. Posted By: Elcee (19/04/2008 5:20:01 AM)
    Comment: My Grandmother used to cook that way when I was a kid. That’s why I weighed 185 (at 5′ 6)when I was 15!!! Re Passover seder dinners, too bad there are no alternatives to Syrah (a great dinner but indeed pricey). Bistro V in Sebastopol seems to have gone out of business. I think the owner’s wife was ill.
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    Posted By: Richard (19/04/2008 12:20:45 PM)
    Comment: I had dinner at Syrah for Passover last year and plan to go back. It was the best seder I have ever experienced – even better than my mom’s – and well worth the money. PS everything is expensive now. Can you say GAS. No sense complaining — just be sure to go vote!
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    Posted By: Jodie (26/04/2008 12:11:09 PM)
    Comment: Anything that is made at Syrah is going to be WONDERFUL! I have some friends who ate dinner there the other night and the chicken fat was on the table in place of butter and it was AMAZING! I can not wait to go have my next Syrah Treat!
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