Santa Rosa Restaurant Openings/Closing Spree

New Burmese, Mexican Santa Rosa restaurant openings coming to Brickyard block

Garlic noodles from Best of Burma in San Mateo. Courtesy of Yelp.
Garlic noodles from Best of Burma in San Mateo. Courtesy of Yelp.

Seventh St. Opening and Closing Spree!

An update on the whirlwind of Santa Rosa restaurant openings and closings in the Brickyard block.

Brasa, the Brasilian churrascaria on the corner of Mendocino and Seventh Street in Santa Rosa, abruptly closed a couple weeks ago, leaving folks curious about the yet-again-empty 505 building.

There has been no response from the owners, aside from an email sent to people trying to make a reservation saying, “Sorry to inform you, but Brasa has closed and is currently looking for new location. Our sincere apologies.”

Shuffles Magical Ice Cream has moved from its cavernous Seventh Street location to Railroad Square, at 123 Fourth St. We’ve heard from a friend with a youngster that the kids’ parties and magic shows are all the rage with the toddler set, and the ice cream continues to be solid at the new location.

Moving into the Shuffles location is Best of Burma, a Burmese restaurant that’s well under construction already. The restaurant has another location in San Mateo. (OMG are we really getting Burmese? Agggghhhrrrrrrr, excited!) If you’re not familiar with Burmese food (Burma is actually known as Myanmar), it incorporates the flavors and traditions of many cultures and regions ranging from China and Thailand to India and Pacific Islands. With lots of fresh ingredients, salads and seafood, it’s a welcome addition to our lineup of ethnic cuisines in the North Bay.

La Perla Peruvian restaurant has changed its named to Panka Peru Cocina Peruana, with a simplified menu that’s more in line with weekday lunchers in both price and offerings, keeping their amazing ceviche and lomo saltado and losing some of the more expensive and complex dishes.

Finally, a Mexican restaurant is under construction at the former BBQ Spot. We saw a gentleman with a Mi Burrito shirt heading inside, but so far no exact word on the owners (and no ABC license yet).

We’d be remiss not to mention the other remaining restaurants, Haku Sushi (which seems to be gaining some steam) and the newly reopened Kafal (formerly Ganesh), which has been serving some solid and affordable $8.99 lunch specials. Sprenger’s Tap Room continues to bring massive crowds to the long-suffering block between Mendocino and B streets.