Santa Rosa Omelettes Travel Nearly 6,000 Miles to South Korea

Local restaurateur brings goodwill, Snoopy and the famous #7 to South Korea

Santa Rosa breakfast icon Don Taylor’s Omelette Express has gone international!

The local restaurateur was on hand in JeJu City, on the remote South Korean island of JeJu on May 17 to open Don Taylor’s Express. The cultural eggs-change with Santa Rosa’s “Sister City” isn’t as random as it might seem — Taylor has been a longtime ambassador bridging the 5,772 mile divide with plenty of good will, a brass Snoopy statue in 2011 and now his famous #7 Omelette (spinach, bacon, mushroom and mozzarella). Santa Rosans may recognize JeJu’s reciprocal gifts of the pudgy grandfather statues near City Hall — protectors against angry demons.

The restaurant opening, however, is more than just tasty grub for the locals to enjoy. The restaurant is a training ground and financial resource for a single mothers’ home on the island. Taylor opened his first training cafe four years ago with the Dr. Im AeDuk, founder of the AeSuhWon Sisters’ Heights Center for Single Mothers and the two have become friends and collaborators over the years. 

“Four years ago, we opened a training Omelette Express at the Aesuhwon center with a goal of opening an Omelette in JeJu to benefit the center and single moms.  The grand opening on May 19th was the result of years of work and a wonderful contribution to JeJu Island,” said Taylor.

How about a cultural exchange of Korean food in Santa Rosa sometime soon, Don?  Hint, hint.