Rumors and news

Lots of rumors and news from the foodie front this week.

Seaweed Cafe sold

This week was the last hurrah for fans of the Seaweed Cafe’s Chef Jackie. This surprising little outpost of haute organic cuisine in Bodega Bay has been a favorite insider haunt for foodies. Ailing parents, however, forced the sale of the restaurant and Jackie and partner Melinda will be officially moving on as of May 30. Word is that new owners have been found and the restaurant will be up and running again shortly.

Bistro V revived?
There’s lots of mystery swirling around the former Bistro V in Sebastopol. BiteClub has heard through the grapevine that there may be some chef interest in reviving the space, though details have been hard to come by. I recently drove by to see what was up, and there is some construction and renovation happening, but no solid leads. A new restaurant in the works?

Elsewhere in Sebastopol, the Dolce V chocolateria has closed, but BiteClub has heard that Veronica may continue her passion for chocolate online. Let’s hope so. Also, is there something to look forward to at the old Pine Cone Restaurant? Hmmm.

Bear Republic: We’re not for sale
I got a recent tip that Healdsburg’s Bear Republic brewery and pub might be changing hands. The corporate office says no dice and that the restaurant isn’t currently for sale.

Green on the Green
Lots of new things happening on Windsor’s Town Green after some recent stagnation. I’m hearing great things about David’s Hot Dogs (716 McClelland Drive, Windsor) and the Green Grocer, a gourmet food market is slated to open in July.

Finally, from Kristin comes this little tidbit for Thai cooking fans. “I found this great little Thai market last week in SR that just opened! Not sure if you cook Thai at home, but they have a great selection and the store is cute and well organized. The nice guy working there said that soon they will have Thai cooking classes and Thai food togo from their shiny looking open kitchen. I live in Sonoma and will make it a point to drop in while doing other shopping in SR. And no, I don’t work there or own it…just always hoping nice little places like this succeed! So, check it out! Aroon Thai Market, 2770 Cleveland Ave (Just north of TJ Maxx) Santa Rosa, 576-0256″ Thanks Kristin!

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