Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue in Rohnert Park

Rasta Dwight has returned to Rohnert Park with his barbecue ribs, jerk chicken, hot links and macaroni. Is it as good?

Rasta Dwight's Barbecue Ribs and Macaroni
Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue Ribs and Macaroni
Rasta Dwight's Barbecue Ribs and Macaroni
Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue Ribs and Macaroni

BiteClub stopped in for a few (okay like four) plates of barbecue at Rasta Dwight’s new barbecue spot inside Quincy’s Pub in Rohnert Park.

After all the hubbub from longtime fans, expectations were set high, but started sinking when we didn’t see or smell a smoker anywhere and got a cold corn muffin wrapped in plastic.

Rasta Dwight's Barbecue Jerk Chicken
Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue Jerk Chicken

The takeaway? While we can’t say we were blown away by the ‘que (or the service), we did enjoy the tangy mustard greens ($2.25, homestyle mac ($2.25) and barbecue tri-tip ($10.50) enough for a possible return trip.

But purple sweet potato pie ($6.25)? That one still has us perplexed. What’s your take?

Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue at Quincy’s Pub and Cafe, 6590 Commerce Blvd  Rohnert Park, CA 94928
(707) 393-1626. Open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 3pm. Available for dine-in or takeout.

Rasta Dwight's Barbecue Sweet Potato Pie
Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue Sweet Potato Pie
Rasta Dwight's Barbecue Menu
Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue Menu


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28 thoughts on “Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue in Rohnert Park

  1. My mom raves about his food, she is pretty much vegan, so red rice and beans? So i tried to make it today but missed my saucy window.I do not believe what people say about BBQ, because taste is a personal preference, Memphis, Tennessee, STL or whatever doesn’t make the best it is who makes the best and how you, the individuals prefers it. Me I will try it as soon as possible. Although non could ever compare to Vick and Betty’s. R.I.P.

    1. So i finally had the chance to go and try some of the food. Monday night brisket. now the slaw was fairly good, i am not a big mayonnaise/sweet slaw guy, i do mine more spicy and acidic. More like a quick Kim Che. So that being said, not to shabby on the slaw. the rest of the sides where tasty. Now for the nitty gritty, the brisket. tender and yummy. I only wish I could have tasted it when it was fresh off the heat and rested. It would have melted, like butter in my mouth. As it was, it still was spoon cutting good. I had the spicy sauce, while my partners had medium and mild. So I tried all three. All where good with slightly different flavors. The spicy was my favorite, smokey with a ting of sweetness and not overloaded with Cayenne.
      I will definitely go back during regular cue hours and try the gambit. They close at three P.M. so come in and try his cooking. Lets get that place busy and we can try and get him to stay opened for the evening so it will be easier to get a good BBQ in Sonoma.

      R.I.P. Vick and Betty’s

  2. The purple sweet potato pie seems to be eliciting a lot of thoughts, maybe worth me explaining a bit. I love non-traditional takes on traditional foods. I think the idea of a purple sweet potato pie is fantastic, but if you’re going non-traditional, then go non-traditional. Tell me its going to be purple. Explain why its purple. Play up the fact that its purple. Don’t just shove the pie in my face and say here. I’m left wondering what exactly is in front of me.

    Secondly, we eat with our eyes. When i see that pie, my mind says ‘Blueberry” or some sort of berry. It was just a bit of a brain twister…again, because there was no context for it.

    The pie itself was okay. The texture was a bit fibrous in my estimation and the flavor, while good, wasn’t extraordinary. To boot, it was refrigerator cold — meaning that a lot of the subtleties of the spices got lost. It would have been better a bit closer to room temperature.

    I make no bones about being any sort of true “critic”…that is Jeff Cox’s job. Mine is merely to observe and report. Hopefully with some humor and entertainment value. I’ve spent 20 years in this business and realized that we’re not saving lives here. We’re providing information about the communities we live in. So why not have a little fun with it?

  3. Beware, Quincy’s doesn’t allow anyone under 21 ANYTIME. Unlike most bar/pubs that serve food and allow the kids in during the day, Quincy’s will promptly catch you at the door and it’s back to the parking lot for you. They were nice enough to take our order outside to go, but I saw several families turned away while waiting for our order. Rasta Dwight is losing business in this location and I’m not even sure if he is aware of it.

  4. My memories of Rasta Dwight from years ago consists mostly of arriving for lunch at 1:00PM only to discover that “sorry, no hot links left”.

  5. A real “Rasta” doesn’t eat, cook or handle pork in any way. BBQ is not the same thing as jerking. Get it right cuz right now it is false advertising.

    1. Who the hell are you clown? Dwight’s nickname has nothing to do with your post. Many engineers, techs, and other folks enjoyed his cooking ten years ago in the heyday of the telecom valley boom. Keep your non-food related posts in. Your posterior.

  6. I love purple sweet potato (called Okinawan sweet potato in Hawaii) and that pie alone, will get me to try the place – take out from what I can tell is the better experience.

    On the Hawaiian connection, if you get to Kapa’a, Kauai go to the Pono Fish Market along the main drag (where we also got our marriage certificate 20 years ago!) they have the best Purple Sweet potato Manju- a Japanese “tartlet” – flaky crust etc. THE BOMB! and comes in coconut, apply and red bean as well – all delish, so popular they will even mail them to you on the mainland.

  7. I went in and and got take-out after reading that it was inside Quincy’s. Not many things are more depressing or smelly than hanging out in a dark bar in the middle of the day.

    I adore BBQ. No. I don’t like it. I will crave, seek out, try at home…I love it. I’m from Virginia. Doesn’t matter. And I have to agree with BiteClub here…

    There was absolutely nothing standout about the sauce, it wasn’t spicy, it wasn’t caramelized or smoked or any number of variations that one can choose to swerve with BBQ. It was just good meat with a forgettable sauce. I thought that I would like to ask for it with no sauce, and bring it home and finish it. The meat is great.

    The mac and cheese that I got that day was dry, at 1:00 in the afternoon.

    And the coleslaw-the most important side in the world for BBQ, was fresh cabbage and carrots in a sauce that look ed like milk. It was just liquid, so it didn’t cling at all, just in the bottom of the cup. But it was fresh.

    I will be back, I can’t help it. Maybe they had an off day. But…I kinda wish you could pick up the food without having to go inside. And to attract people, that smoker should be wafting around for a couple miles, I didn’t smell anything.

    1. Now that’s a good review. Quincy’s was never a fave even though it was a place for RP tech get togethers. Porter Street had the right idea with the ‘cue up front. The smell is the number one ad for a BQ joint. For all the nostalgia, truth be told, in the day, the greens were great, the Mac and Cheese was perfect, the baby back slabs were the centerpiece. To this day I am trying to perfect that result. The hot links were good, the plastic wrapped corn bread was pedestrian, as was the cole slaw. The service was slower than turtles trudging through peanut butter which stopped many of us from going to Cotati for the food as most of us weren’t tier one, two hour lunch folks. As for Quincy’s, my company had a milestone celebration in the back room. We were running out of salsa for the chips so I we t and asked a couple of the boys behind the counter in Spanish to please make or get some more. One guy took a big plastic jug out and started mixing some other ingredients in a large metal bowl. Then he put a dollop in his palm and licked it with gusto in front of me and continued mixing. Needless to say I never went back and didn’t share in the results.

  8. I normally love your reviews but I am blown away at how little you wrote and how poor of an excuse this was for a review. Then, I looked at your review last year of Pack Jack’s and now I am really perplexed. You wrote a huge, long, gushing review of that place. I personally almost threw up my meal from Pack Jack’s because the taste was gross and the amount of fat:meat ratio made it inedible.
    Rasta Dwight’s is amazing. I don’t love where he ended up and won’t eat inside Quincy’s (the staff isn’t the best to say the least), but everything I’ve had from him has been wonderful. My husband ordered ribs that were meaty and delicious and I ordered the Jerk pork that was equally good. The red beans and rice, collard greens, and mac and cheese were enjoyed by us and thank goodness we ate it at home as we pretty much moaned over every bite!!
    I understand that everyone will have a different opinion of food but after this review, I can’t say I will be very interested in what you have to say anymore. I am so disappointed that you failed to give this food the same time and effort in your writing as you seem to give others. With local businesses struggling everywhere, this blog can make a difference. I am very much a food snob and this is single-handedly the best BBQ I’ve had anywhere in the country. To each his own.

    1. Brooke – you are awesome and spot on. The review from Pack Jack was was like a 4star rating. I ate there in early January and the paper thin, see through “brisket” (looked liked deli lunch meat) was so bland and cold, I couldnt believe what people saw in this place. I mean I am no BBQ snob, ..just give me a tasty, well portioned meal at a fair price. Dwight does this!

      1. Pack Jacks’ is the saddest excuse for BBQ ever. Without a doubt the crappiest place I have ever been to. An abomination to BBQ or even to restaurants for that matter.

  9. Let me sum up AJ’s excellent rebuttal of the review for those who don’t have the time/patience to read it:
    1. There are no other SMOKED barbeque places that can compare to Rasta Dwight’s.
    2. Dwight creates high-quality meats and side dishes, with an original flair.
    3. He uses ingredients from Oliver’s Market.
    4. The man MAKES his OWN sausage – I could just end there.
    5. Purple Sweet Potato Pie – different, yummy, and good for you! (I added that last part.)
    6. Dwight’s choice of venue is an intelligent business decision.

    Although BBQ isn’t my favorite food style, I must say that I agree with AJ.

    Keep up the great work Dwight! Save me some Purple Sweet Potato Pie(s)!

  10. I am very surprised at this snobby, mediocre review of Rasta Dwight’s BBQ. I mean come on people..was the location not fancy enough for you fu-fu folks? What are you comparing Dwight’s BBQ to in the area? Let’s think about that for a second…we have Lombardi’s BBQ in Petaluma which is a great deli, but serves family picnic style BBQ to the locals…much different than smoke BBQ. Lombardi’s side dishes are all the pre-packages regulars we see at every deli…Hookers potato salad…yada yada. Boring. We also have The BBQ Spot in Santa Rosa which has some decent meat, but the sides need some work…overly sweetened baked beans and French fries – eh. Pack Jacks in Sebastopol?…should have stayed closed. I admit I am a Rasta Dwight’s loyalist…one of the 4-day a week die-hards from 15 years ago. However, it is for a reason. He uses quality meat and his side dishes are amazing. He hand makes all of these side dishes and sources local produce from Oliver’s Market to make them. Baked Mac and Cheese is the best I have ever had with its creamy ricotta-cheesy goodness. His tangy mustard greens with chunks of meaty smoked ham-hock…I mean come on…nobody around here is putting that much love into the side dishes. Let’s talk about the meats. If you didn’t see the smoker, it’s because its out back. If the corn muffin was cold, it’s because Dwight don’t like you. The Meat is amazing. Dwight is making his own sausage for the Hot Links. Let me repeat – Dwight is making his OWN sausage for the hot links. Who else does this around here. Oh wait a minute…nobody else does Hot Links around here. The Jerked Pork is my favorite – the Caribbean rub brings out the flavors here. 12 hours of smoke – so tasty. Dwight’s BBQ sauce is also hand made in small batches. It is the best BBQ sauce I have ever tasted bottled or other. It has that thick and hearty consistency that I think every good traditional sauce should have. Not the runny watered down sweet catsup style most places provide. And finally the Purple Sweet Potato Pie. You think this is strange? I think it is a new twist on an old classic. Let me share with you what I know about this pie. Dwight sourced these Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potatoes at Oliver’s Market in RP and decided to experiment with them – I mean why not? The beautiful color or purple is all natural and the result of Dwight’s creativity is a yummy treat that reminds me of a Holiday-spiced pumpkin pie. My girlfriend who is a huge yam fan can’t get enough of these purple desserts. Dwight is a smart entrepreneur with his location choice. So many restaurants with good food go out of business with the burden and overhead of rent, utilities, insurance, etc. for a small overpriced commercial space. Here, Dwight uses the kitchen of a local pub to bring us his magic. He can focus on the food and not the stress of keeping up an entire restaurant. In this economy …very wise, since BBQ dining is not a family destination spot typically, and most people enjoy takeout anyhow. Keep up the good work Dwight – it tastes as good as it always has. People – he is back and deserves your support if you like quality food and BBQ.

    1. I love your review, AJ. Thank you!

      I wasn’t here the first time ’round for Rasta Dwight’s, so that’s why I really appreciate folks who know him and his style sharing.

      Honestly, we were *very* turned off by the service. I’m not a snob by any means (or fu-fu), but our waiter didn’t know the first thing about the food, got the order wrong twice, we got totally flat sodas and were just made to feel kind of uncomfortable. I also didn’t like the muffin wrapped in plastic and the ribs were dry.

      Its hard to tell if that was Dwight’s doing or if he just drops off the food and others are reheating and serving it up.

      I love the concept of doing his bbq inside a bar. But it needs to be accessible and good, despite being in a bar. I think having a single waiter doing lunch service isn’t really fair to the waiter, especially if they’re a bar waiter not used to restaurant-style service.

      I wish Rasta Dwight the best. I would love to try it again, and I’m sad I didn’t have the hot links. I think take out would be better.

      The purple pie? It was just confusing. I liked the flavor alright, but yeah…I might put on the menu that’ its purple so people’s expectations are met.

      1. I work in fine dinning and as a bartender in Sonoma county. BBQ has the right to have a certain unusual flair, like being in a bar. Yes service is not what you expect but it is not his service team. So I would let all feelings on service slide. Being in a bar the food is really designed for take out anyways. BBQ is an outdoor food choice, go out and enjoy it. The food is great and that trumps location any day. Creativity in classic foods, sweet potato pie, is what makes a recipe your own. There is no need to tell everyone the pie is purple. Unless the color magically changed the flavor to the point you had no idea it was sweet potato pie. My reaction, w/o already knowing, would have been isn’t that a neat idea purple pie. From there is would go investigate if it was the potato or something else that made it purple. No confusion, but there is an obvious difference from a foody and a critic.

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