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Food lineup for BottleRock announced

bottlerockMusic isn’t the only thing rocking this May in Napa. Valley toque Cindy Pawlcyn’s team will manage the nearly 40 chefs and restaurateurs participating in the 26-acre rockfest slated for May 9-12.

On the roster so far from Sonoma: Awful Falafel, Fork Catering, Traxx BBQ, The Girl & the Fig and Backyard Restaurant in Forestville.

Napa represents with Mustards Grill, Oenotri, ZuZu, La Condessa, The Thomas, Mark’s The Spot food truck, Napa Valley Biscuits, Dim Sum Charlie’s, Eiko’s, Tarla, Kara’s Cupcakes, Kitchen Door, Ca’ Momi, Grace’s Table, , Azzurro Pizzeria and Enoteca, Tra Vigne, Fish Story, Farmstead, The Model Bakery, C Casa, Barbers Q, La Toque and Gott’s Roadside in addition to chef-appearances from Masaharu Morimoto, Todd Humphries and Ken Frank of La Toque. Pouring at the event (this is Napa, after all) are some 50 wineries and artisan brewers. The event, which has caused massive buzz with the inclusion of top-billed bands including Kings of Leon, Jane’s Addiction, The Shins, The Black Keyes, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and the Alabama Shakes. More details online at


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  1. I am excited for the food, beer, wine, music, comedy and fun – big shows like Cochella, OutsideLands and now BottleRock are about so much more than just music — Which definitely justifies the price (yes, much of the food and alcohol will be an additional cost – but the food line-up of this place looks DELICIOUS and well worth).

    The majority of the cost goes to the permits it takes to host something like this, which is why Harmony couldn’t be sustained… At least for what they charged.

  2. Those who tire of the maddening crowd and expensive treats can find sanctuary at Dead on the Creek.
    Our lineup is not super stars, but fine quality just the same, enjoyed in a beautiful and serene setting.
    Included in the ticket price is locally-sourced food prepared by a master chef with a crew of happy workers.
    This is an intimate, family-style gathering, off the beaten track…there is no experience quite like this one.
    Got 100 spaces left.

  3. For the Price of this concert I would rather go to a smaller event like Dead on The Creek held in August where the music, gourmet food and beer and wine is included in Willits. Of course they only sell 150 tickets.

  4. $69. Thursday tix,

    Bottle Rock Napa Valley
    with Furthur, The Avett Brothers
    plus The Black Crowes, Primus, Delta Spirit, ALO, The Violent Femmes, Cafe Tacuba, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, X and many more!

    Napa Valley Expo
    Thursday, May 9

    Limited number of $69 tickets available Use Password: FRIENDS

    Offer valid now through midnight on Wed, May 8

    Bottle Rock Napa is a celebration of music, wine, food, comedy and beer – a combination that could only reach its peak in the Napa Valley. For the full lineup, details and a special additional offer on three day passes, visit and use the password “FRIENDS”.

    Offer valid now through midnight on Wed, May 8.

  5. Coverage of a yuppie one-percenter music festival.

    Sorry, I was really excited about this event when I read about the bands (huge Primus and Janes Addiction fan), but when I saw the cheapest tickets for this event was $250, I threw up a little. The website showed a locals-only ticket discount that had already expired (no real advertising for this event), and to see all four days you need to drop $300. Plus no parking. Food and drinks cost extra.

    The only ‘locals’ that are going to be at this event are the people working the show. Stay classy Napa! Way to cater to tourists only. Again.

    1. Amen, amen! I was really looking forward to the Flaming Lips and Alabama Shakes, but then it dawned on me that this festival was really geared toward the upper crust tourist crowd and not the lowly local music nerds like me. And the last thing I want to do is be stuck rubbing elbows with a bunch of loud, Chardonnay-quaffing yuppies who will just sit there chattering away and ruining the music I came to experience. No thanks – I’ll stay home.

    2. to be fair, this is how much all multi-day music festivals are (think outside lands, bonaroo, coachella, etc).

      we are definitely not 1-percenters nor yuppies (late 20’s local folk) and were not going to go. at all. we’re big fans of outside lands but didn’t want to go to an untested festival, because mark my words, by the last day it will be a hellish nightmarescape.

      but then we saw that the violent femmes were playing.

      so we got the one day tickets for the first day.

      those were expensive though, too. so i hear what you’re saying, i just think that it’s kind of par for the course for festivals.

      harmony was an anomaly. and now it’s gone. it didn’t have this caliber of acts though.

      1. Well, I hope you have a good time. I saw the Femmes twice back in the day, and they delivered – hope they do the same this weekend. Even if I could justify the cost of this event, I’d feel like a fish out of water and don’t relish navigating the logistics of it.

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