Rasta Dwight’s Back

The barbecue is back

Rasta Dwight Jones from 2003

Rasta Dwight Jones from 2003
Rasta Dwight Jones from 2003

BiteClub’s got word that Sonoma barbecue legend Rasta Dwight Jones has returned. Old timers may remember his lovingly crafted Carribean-inspired jerk pork, spare ribs and tri-tip along with Burn Your Face hot links from the days before his Cotati ‘cue shack closed. He’s set up shop in Rohnert Park at Quincy’s Pub and Cafe (6590 Commerce Blvd.) and is currently serving up lunches only.


16 thoughts on “Rasta Dwight’s Back

  1. How wonderful. I used to drive from Next Level in Rohnert Park just for the Mac-N-Cheese – would even take some home! I must admit, I tried to reverse engineer the M&C, but could never come close to the original! I hope he is still there when I come down from Washington State in June, 2016!

  2. I enjoyed this man’s food and ambience….So you have to return now, because the great Pack Jack is not Rasta Dwights…And Rasta D. rules……Damn, that music was good too…

  3. It was Mighty Danged Tasty at the Grand Opening last month! [insert happy dog barking and tail wagging here]

  4. great tasting news ..glad hes back ..do they have take out so i can enjoy the food at dinner

  5. Driving by the other day and thought I saw a banner with BBQ on it. Paying too much attention to the road I dismissed it. So happy to know he is close to me now. Will be by soon to experience what I heard from others as BBQ heaven.

  6. Man, what great news. Rastas bbq was the best I’ve had in Sonoma County BY FAR, and quite possibly the best ever. I’m from Texas!

    So glad to see it’s back.

  7. I’m glad to see you’re back, Dwight! I used to enjoy your food when you were in Cotati, but I stopped trying to eat there because way too often you were already out of meat by late afternoon… it was frustrating to drive there, only to find out only a few items were still available.

    I hope your business will make it this time, and that running out of food will be a problem of the past.

    Good luck!

  8. It has been over 10 years since Rasta Dwight closed the Cotati shop and man am I hungry. Better be havin’ that macaroni and cheese or I’ll be upset.

  9. Our Grandson let us know that Rasta Dwight’s was back & serving his BBQ & this time at Quincy’s so we (the three of us ) went to lunch there a couple days later & it was just as good as always!!! Baby Backs, Jerk Chicken, Gumbo & all the other things.

  10. AWSOME!!! Ive been friends with his son for years, and ate at his shop all the time!! mmmm

  11. This is awesome news! Now if only I can make it down to Rohnert Park from Cloverdale! Welcome back, Dwight!

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