Popular Pop-Up Burger Spot Gets Permanent Home in Sebastopol

Even better news? They’ll be joining up with nearby Psychic Pie for hoagie offerings.

Click through the above gallery for a peek at some of  the delicious dishes from Lunchbox. 

We’ve been waiting ever so patiently for longtime pop-up burger and fry spot Lunchbox to open at the former East West Cafe in Sebastopol. So, so patiently.

The owners have announced that they’ve passed their inspections and are slated for an October opening. Even better news? They’ll be joining up with nearby Psychic Pie (the best Roman-style pizza ever) for hoagie offerings. A photo on their Instagram shows a tempting image of a sourdough meatball hoagie and Philly-inspired garlic-herb roast pork sandwich with broccoli rabe.

Stay tuned for details. Visit lunchboxsonomacounty.com.

Burger from Lunchbox. (Jessica Fix Photo/Lunchbox)
Crispy fries smothered in American cheddar, onion butter, fancy sauce, peppers and green onions. (Courtesy of Lunchbox)

Speaking of Philly-style sandos: Biteclub’s been on the hunt for the best Philly cheesesteak in Sonoma County.

The results have been mixed. Overly precious, California-ized cheesesteaks lack the greasy, cheap bread, Cheez-wiz, onion-y goodness this sandwich should always have. Cheap cheesesteaks taste like cheap meat and despair.

So far, the crowd favorite is Streetside Asian Grill (and I concur). The unassuming food truck focuses mostly on fresh Vietnamese and Asian-fusion dishes, but the Philly cheesesteak has become a bestseller. Cheesesteak fries are sold, too. Find the truck’s latest location on Instagram.


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