Pliny the Younger Released

Russian River Brewing has 'em lined up for blocks

Growlers in hand and beer on their minds, hundreds of eager brew fans lined up in downtown Santa Rosa today (Feb. 4, 2011) for the annual release of Pliny the Younger. The triple IPA released just once a year by the Russian River Brewing Company is, according to its devoted, worth waiting, well, at least two or three hours for.

Stretching for blocks, crowds came from throughout the Bay Area — Berekely, San Ramon and further afield to get their two glass allotment at the popular Santa Rosa brew pub, which was standing room only by noon.

Is it really that good? Ask anyone in line and they’ll probably roll their eyes in disbelief that you asked such a stupid question. Of course it’s that good. It’s the best beer ever, said several die-hards. Last year, it sold out by 4:30pm on the first day of release.

The beer will be available on tap with a daily allotment as long as it lasts through February 17, 2011.

Thanks for the heads up BiteClubber, Robin! Shout out…were you in line?


18 thoughts on “Pliny the Younger Released

  1. Great job RRBC! It’s this type of event / release that will make Santa Rosans proud to live here. The more people we bring to the core / heart of Santa Rosa with unique entertainment, the more likely we will become the number one sought after destination in northern California. I’m sure it’s expensive / time consuming to make such a stellar beer and I totally agree with the limited release…make us yearn for your nectar brew masters. Thank you for not being a trendy Irish pub, macho sports bar, drug infested dive bar or average burger-beer joint. I appreciate your efforts in thinking outside of the box. Now if your bartenders were just a bit more humble and friendly, you would really hit this out of the park. We must bring the people downtown, build up and prosper.

  2. Mel must be one of “those kind” that drink bud lite or coors lite and can’t handle real beer.

  3. If I were driving by, I would have rolled down my window and yelled “Don’t any of you people WORK??!!” while shaking my fist at them. Then I would have gone somewhere to cry knowing I would be getting none of this beer.

    1. I agree…supply and demand is key…but can they release the beer like on a weekend or after 5pm so us working folks can get a chance to try it??

  4. Good grief people it is just beer, excellent beer, but get a life. No beer is worth standing in line for 2-3 hours. I love Pliny but stand in a long line, nah.

    1. Bwahahaaahah! I’ll add what I got. I think the print side of the paper is working a story, too…so they’ll have some pix up soon as well.

  5. So glad they aren’t filling growlers this year. That was such a disappointment last year for it to run out so early then see it for sale on ebay. Way to go RRBC for changing that policy!

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