They say you can never go home, but sometimes homesteads past come to you. Reeking of garlic.
Portland-based Pizzicato Pizza recently opened a small outpost in the new Whole Foods shopping plaza in Petaluma. A favorite lunchtime nosheria of my old hometown, Pizzicato is the place for a gourmet slice and a salad.
Splitting the difference between Marin’s CPK (where mango and baby eggplant pizzas are de rigeur) and your average corner pizzeria, Pizzicato offers up the standards (sausage, cheese, pepperoni) along with a few creative takes–like a roasted rosemary red potato and Prosciutto pizza; the Bianca, with spinach, sausage walnuts and Gorgonzola, or a shrimp Thai pizza. All with a thin, crispy crust.
Salads, here, are given top-billing as well. The massively-garlicky Caesar will easily stink up your car for a week–just from your breath. You can make a meal from the Chinese Chop or Arugula Pear (with candied walnuts), or size-down to a side Greek or ‘Insalata Mista’ with chevre, onions, walnuts and baby lettuce.
And, because pizza is best enjoyed in the comfort of your big screen TV, preferably with a beer, Pizzicato offers half-baked pizzas for take-out. Pop ’em in the oven for a final crisping, and you’re ready to pig out.
Get a taste of Pizzicato at their grand opening fete on Feb. 13 from 2 to 9pm, with free samples of pizza and salads. Tell them the girl from Portland sent you.
Pizzicato Pizza, 615 E. Washington St., Petaluma, 707.762.2216. Open daily for lunch, dinner and takeout.

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