Pig Fest!


Check out the photos of Zazu’s nose to tail feast, held Jan. 20, 2008. Celebrating the Feast of Saint Anthony (the patron saint of butchers), chefs Duskie Estes and John Stewart invited friends and eaters to indulge in an homage to pork. As founder of Black Pig Meat, Stewart is a preserved-meats master and porcine devotee.

On the menu: Housemade salami with pickled grapes; pig head soup, pig heart salad, braised pork shoulder and a little bayleaf gelato for dessert (sadly, no bacon ice cream).

Duskie and John head to New York in coming weeks as part of a state-wide advertising campaign to promote the tastes of California. The two have been chosen, along with Santa Rosa’s Guy Fieri, to serve a luncheon to media as part of the campaign. They’re featuring lamb, along with goat cheese fritters topped with local honey (plus some other stuff I’ve already forgotten). Sante, guys!

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