Petite Syrah names new chef

Ben Davies replaces Jamil Peden

Former Mirepoix Chef Ben Davies has been named Chef de Cuisine at Petite Syrah after the recent departure of Jamil Peden. Davies is a local hot shot toque who’s resume includes not only the 1-star Michelin Mirepoix but the three-starred Meadowood and one-starred Murray Circle.

So the big question is does Exec Chef and owner Josh Silvers see stars in his future? “Of course we would love to get one, but our emphasis is on having a great restaurant  that is always going to be approachable. We want this to be a restaurant that people can keep coming to a few times a week for a glass of wine and a nibble or a five-course meal,” said Silvers who is understandably wary of the “Michelin Curse” as well as its potential blessings.

Meanwhile, he and Davies are more interested in perfecting the custardy 63-degree egg, one of several new dishes on the menu.

Petite Syrah, 205 5th St. Santa Rosa, 568-4002