Paddington Tea coming to Santa Rosa

Crumpets and singing waitresses?

UPDATE: The name of the teahouse is being changed due to another Paddington Tea already in existence in LA, but owner Angela Grant is still hoping to open this spring.


You know what traditional English tea rooms are missing? Singing waitresses. That is, until now.

Liverpudlian-turned-Santa Rosan Angela Grant isn’t content just to open a cozy English tea room in the former Sawyer’s News space in downtown. This winter, she’s mixing it up with a combination teahouse, theatrical experience and cafe that’s, in her words, “a place for people to go, feel special and have a laugh,” she says with a cheery British accent.

Grant makes no bones about the fact that clotted cream, bone china, scones and pinkies-up teas are definitely aimed at the gals. “The guys will probably hit the brewpub next door,” she says, hoping to attract bridal parties, baby showers, book clubbers and the ladies-who-lunch-set.

Inspired by a trip back to Merry Old England recently, Grant knew the teahouse was her destiny, adding the idea of waitresses breaking into 40s and 50s-style crooning for special events and, well, whenever the time feels right. “Paddington Tea Room will be a place where women can go and truly be comfortable,” she says, anticipating a February April open.

Guys are, of course, welcome. Provided they know how to properly use a napkin and don’t muss the doilies.