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Seaside Metal coming to Guerneville

Another restaurant, this time from SF's Bar Crudo, to open

From the Bar Crudo website,
From the Bar Crudo website,

Tim Selvera of SF’s Bar Crudo is opening a new seafood and oyster bar in downtown Guerneville in spring 2013. 

According to reports, the restaurant will be called Seaside Metal in reference to rusting boats on the nearby coast, and will feature oysters, a raw bar, fish stews and other briny goodness. Apparently the story broke in an article in Food and Wine about America’s Best Little Food Towns, which said the restaurant will also feature beers from local craft breweries.

Guerneville has been booming lately, with the addition of Whitetail Winebar, Boon Eat + Drink, Big Bottom Market and the forthcoming pop-up Korean restaurant, Hi Five.

More from Stephen Gross, the PD’s Guerneville Towns correspondent.


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