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CONTEST CLOSED. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALLISON AND THERESA. All the entries were terrific, and I would love to try and find a way to use them on a website…or maybe talk to some pinot folks about using them. They’re great. The sponsor chose the winners — so please don’t get upset at me.

How much do you love pinot noir? Start counting the ways.
Pinot on the River (Oct. 22-24) is a grape-stained weekend for serious pinotphiles culminating in the Artisinal Grand Tasting from more than 100 top-notch West Coast producers. These aren’t Styrofoam cup sippers, but seriously collectible and eminently quaffable wines like DuNah, Papapietro Perry, De Loach, Kosta Browne, Moshin, MacPhail, Merry Edwards, Patz & Hall,  Davis Bynum, Roadhouse and on and on…
And you could be part of the VIP sipping crew. How? It’s easy: Just create your own “Ode to Pinot Noir” in the comments below.
One winner will receive 2 VIP tickets to Sunday’s grand tasting (11am to 4pm) along with 2 seats at the Friday Night Out in the Valley Dinner at Roadhouse Winery in Healdsburg (8pm). One runner up will receive tickets to the Sunday tasting. More than 100 wineries are participating, along with nibbles from Rosso, BBQ Smokehouse Catering and Rodney Strong. (See full rules)
So start composing those odes! Find out more about Pinot on the River 2010 or buy tickets here.


28 thoughts on “Ode to Pinot: Pinot on the River Tix

  1. Congratulations to Allison & Theresa! Great job! Tip a pinot for the rest of us!
    I echo Michel’s comments on all counts!

  2. Bite Club . . . you had a great idea here, too bad you dampened the excitement by not notifying the participants of the results in a timely fashion.

    1. The winners have been notified. Guys, please give me a freaking break. I extended the contest a day so we could get more entries. The sponsor picked the winners last night and I emailed the grand prize winner to make sure she could attend. If not, then I needed to pick another winner. There’s a lot that goes into trying to make this as equitable and fair as possible, but it gets really frustrating when folks get all hairball about things. Trust me, I’m doing the best I can.

      1. Congratulations to the winners !
        Theresa I hope that your Zinfandel boyfriend does not find out about this affair 🙂 but if he does and you want to get rid of your tickets, let me know 🙂
        Bitclub – in the future you might want to communicate better about the process and outcome.
        Thank you

    ‘Ode to Road House Winery’
    Road House Winery…
    I can smell the earth and the spice…
    Deep red cherries and toasty oak…
    What structure and balance…
    Cinnamon and ruby in color…
    Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2008…
    In my glass…
    To be kept full…
    Deep and spicy…
    Road House Winery.

  4. Like a beautiful brunette
    With long sexy legs
    The sexiest wine of all
    Is the one that creates the most awe
    A Sauvignon Blanc maybe fickle
    Like a young girly blonde’s tickle
    A Cabernet, dark and broody
    With ages, some times moody
    And Champagne all bubble and air
    With perhaps some additional flair
    Then you come to lovely Pinot
    Deep, dark and sensual
    Yet light and flirty with lots of potential
    Complex and brilliant
    Smooth and elegant
    Not for the young and immature
    For the lover of that which is pure

  5. Uh, problem with the rules – Entries must be received by 5:00pm Thursday October 21th, 2010
    Winners will be chosen by sponsor by 3 p.m. Thursday, October 21st, 2010

  6. Pinot Noir, How do I love thee, my sultry, well-bodied friend?
    I love you to the depths of my palate that tingles with your ruby juices.
    I love your velvety pepperiness, nursed to perfection by the vintners, Edwards, De Loach, Kosta, Bynum… and so many more..
    I love the marriage of Sonoma wine and cheese at Valley Ford and reveling in the autumn bounty,
    I love living in the home of the world’s finest grapes
    And I love to feel my spirits rise as I sip Cloud Rest pinot noir
    Warming my bones for winter’s cold bite.

  7. Ode to Pinot
    I wrap my fingers
    around your stem
    while I inhale your cherry-scented aroma
    Ecstatically, I swirl you,
    until your silky plum-red legs open wide
    I tilt you to my lips and your supple body flows into mine
    I swallow you again and again as we
    rock the salacious night into the blissful dawn.
    Oh, Pinot…oh, oh, ooooh!

  8. All that has gone before
    Remembrance of love and music
    And poetry I pour
    Of chemistry meets magic
    I’ve no need of pretense
    Money does not matter
    Liquid love I know
    Fruit fresh air and incense
    All my cares now scatter
    We praise the great Pinot

  9. Ode to Pinot – I love Kosta Browne Pinot Noir!
    I look forward to your beauty almost every night
    A sniff, a swirl, a sip
    You seem to be created just right
    Although you may be feisty, difficult, and demanding
    Underneath you are delicate, precious and outstanding
    In my personal cellar, you take up every spot
    You make me happy and sappy…… and sometimes make me talk a lot
    Aromatic and desirable, my mouth and nose know exactly what to do
    You exude a wonderful mix of cherries, herbs, and earthiness…along with berries, and spice too
    You seem to know exactly what I love to eat; you pair so well with salmon, mushrooms, and cheese
    And I am not one that is easy to please!
    You long for the misty fog…cool mornings and cool nights
    While I long for your light and silky presence upon my lips and mouth…pure delight!
    Sideways made you popular, but I have always held you true
    In my heart forever will be a spot for you
    You are so dear to me…so much so, that you make my life complete!
    I look forward to your beauty almost every night
    A sniff, a swirl, a sip
    You seem to be created just right
    Now I’m just hoping to taste you in all of your splendor, at the Annual Pinot on the River!

  10. Once upon a time, my man tended the vines, and made the wines.
    And he still loves to tell stories about taming the Pinot Noir (a temper-mental grape), as he relaxes and enjoys a wonderful glass of pinot on a cold winters night..
    A big fan, you might say, and one to appreciate the gift of a Pinot wine tasting!

  11. I’ve been pining for pinot for so, so, long,
    That every time I find one I can afford I break out into song
    I drink pinot with my friend Edward and together we are Merry
    I look long at the Kosta and think about berries
    Before a night out to a Claypool show I must have his pinot, which I sip, oh, so, slow
    Oh Pinot Noir is so divine, I Roar so the people will hear my mind
    For those that disagree beware of my Wrath if you want to subdue me please pour another glass
    At the end of the day as my Sojurn begins, I fall sleepily into dreams wearing a big pinot grin.

  12. Ah, pinot my palate you please
    Like a siren you love to tease
    Body so supple, flavor so fine
    No wonder you’re my favorite wine
    The best can be found
    Here at Kosta Browne
    Like the seductress’ call
    You satisfy my all

  13. Ode to Pinot Noir
    Oh, to declare my secret love outloud
    I softly speak your name
    For if my Zinfandel grape growing,
    wine making boyfriend
    should discover our affair
    I dare to think where I would
    lay my head.
    Secretly I swallow thee and
    hope we remain a pair

  14. the thought of pinot on the river
    my wife at the notion might quiver
    after 24 years
    it’ll bring her to tears
    but in my warm arms, she’ll not shiver

    Pinot Noir – Vitis Vinifera
    no other amazing grape to hold dear ahh.
    Your French name may mean Pine and Black
    but sweet liquid there is nothing whatsoever you lack!
    This most romantic red mistress of wines
    seems to flirt and seduce as you linger to dine.
    Currant, raspberry or black cherry flavor
    the taste buds long to embrace and endlessly savor!
    The French vineyards version never will compel
    like the Russian River finds: De Loach, RoadHouse or Topel!
    Full- bodied and rich – like sex in a glass
    nothing your local priest would ever use for Mass!

  16. A Pinot Noir makes me happy
    Not silly or sappy
    The grape is enhancing
    To life and romancing
    And not too proud, like a horse that is prancing
    You learn to love it, like nachos and rain
    Two sips in, you’re not likely to complain
    A Pinot will grab you and rock you then leave
    It’s no use asking for a just reprieve
    But when the glass is empty and you’re not feeling sure
    Have another fill, good times will endure!

  17. I live in Pinot heaven,
    Sebastopol, Sonoma
    I will start the meal with it
    I will end the meal with it
    Love the bacon love the fruit
    Love the delicate ones, the feminine ones
    Love the big ones, the masculine ones
    I love them all
    Would love to sip them all.

  18. Ode is typically a lyrical verse written in praise of, or dedicated to someone or something which captures the poet’s interest or serves as an inspiration for the ode.
    Ode to Pinot
    How I love your bouquet
    How I love your color
    Ode to Pinot
    The wonderful flavor
    There is no true other
    Ode to Pinot
    My palate melts for you
    My knees are weak
    Ode to Pinot
    How the grapes produce
    A wine so unique
    Ode to Pinot
    Cheese, fruit and meat
    Are foods you enhance
    Ode to Pinot
    To drink you in love
    You set me in a trance
    Ode to Pinot
    To spend my time with Pinot is so truly divine
    My dream is to win tickets to Pinot on the River
    Ode to Pinot
    Pick my ode to you for the grand prize
    While tasting your pinot you can watch me quiver

  19. Pinot–they come from far & near
    to sample our nectar juice
    and leave wanting to come back
    again & again

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