NY Pie Sold

New owners take over iconic pizzeria

The bad news is that our favorite New Yawkah has left Santa Rosa. The good news is that NY Pie may finally be open regular hours. Earlier this month, the tiny Santa Rosa pizzeria at the corner of Brookwood and Fourth St., was sold to new owners. The restaurant’s constant presence, R.J. Iervolino whose direct style and  haphazard hours sometimes confounded Californians, has retired and turned the business over to Ty Folk, the owner of Foster Freeze in Sebastopol. The award-winning pizza and homemade sauce aren’t changing, and the restaurant will now be open from 11a.m. to 9p.m. daily. They’ll soon add some new specials to the menu as well as a few appetizers. But best of all, they’ll also be doing pizza by the slice, something R.J. steadfastly refused to do, bless his New York heart. 65 Brookwood Ave., Santa Rosa, 526-9743.