News and gossip

Lots of buzz going on about the new French bistro under construction in downtown Santa Rosa. The restaurant is taking over the former Wolf’s coffee and Cafe Japan spots. At the helm is General Manager Justin Werth, who’s worked at Mirepoix, Monti’s and Tra Vigne. It’s a family affair, Werth tells BiteClub, with his family helping to back the project. Inside, murals and tile work are going up, along with a large bar. The restaurant will be called Rendezvous, set to open in early September. Werth is currently looking for a chef.

Also slated to open is Saigon Cafe at 420 Mendocino (within shouting distance of the PD). The restaurant is taking over the spot formerly occupied by Vivere and should be serving up casual Vietnamese dishes beginning in early August.

A bit further afield, we got an interesting tip during last week’s Taste3 conference about new inn and restaurant planned for Yountville. Located in a former vineyard, the Bardessono is going for serious green cred. The inn, spa, park and affordable housing (in Yountville?) is bucking for Platinum LEED certification — a commitment to high-level environmental safety and use of sustainable resources. The inn is set to open in Feb. 2009, but BiteClub was interested in hearing about the in-house restaurant which is currently searching for a chef. Folks involved in the project say they’re hoping to make it a destination-worthy eatery.