New Union Hotel

Generations of local eaters have grown up on the Panizzera family’s Italian cooking. So, it should come as little surprise that the newest Union Hotel outpost, near the intersection of Mission and Rt. 12, has been packed with nostalgic eaters since its opening this month.

And its probably also no surprise that, like their two other restaurants (in West Santa Rosa and the original, in Occidental) mama-mia style cooking rules here: Homemade ravioloi, chicken cacciatore, lasagna and pizza. Lots of cheese. Lots of tomatoes. Loooooooooooooots of garlic. Plenty of breadsticks for sopping up all the really good stuff.

For the merely peckish, Union Hotel has a classic minestrone soup, bruschetta, and Caesar salads. But somehow eating so little seems, well, almost rude in a place known for its Mangiamo! portions.

But you probably already knew that, too.

What you may not yet know is that the new space is warm and cozy, with glowing candles on each table and a toasty fireplace for a little post-noshing amore with your little cacciatore. Also, the hotel (which is not actually a hotel, but does offer several large banquet rooms) opens its bakery for pastries and coffee bright and early (7ish) and has a semi-separate bar for evening revelry.

So, despite the fact that the paint is barely dry and the sign just finished being hung up, there’s something oddly familiar about The Union Hotel. But you knew there would be.

Union Hotel, 280 Mission Blvd., Santa Rosa, 707.538.6000.