Naked Pig | Santa Rosa

A tiny space that packs in big, bold flavors.

Naked Pig owners Dalia Martinez and Hason Sockach will open Flour and Bone in summer 2016 (heather irwin)
Naked Pig owners Dalia Martinez and Jason Sockach will open Flour and Bone in summer 2016 (heather irwin)

Whiskey Caramel Waffles at The Naked Pig and Santa Rosa
Whiskey Caramel Waffles at The Naked Pig and Santa Rosa

BiteClub got a first bite of The Naked Pig’s opening menu, and was an unabashed oinker in polishing just about everything on the plate.

There are just three tables inside (plus several more outside), making the experience quite intimate (you can also get take out).

Here’s what to get: Tip-top billing goes to the cheddar, chive and ham savory bread pudding ($12) a super-collider smash-up of flavors worthy of a Nobel prize ($12). We’re also huge fans of the green onion biscuit with honey, poached eggs, perfectly cooked bacon and tartly-dressed salad ($13).

Artisanal whisky caramel waffles ($11) are fluffy and moist with a boozy punch ($11). Lunch sandwiches are takes on lunchbox favorites like meatloaf ($13)and egg salad ($11), but with gourmet twists like Raymond bakery ciabatta, pastured eggs and homemade pickles and ketchup.

We won’t deny a bit of sticker shock on a few items, but foodists will appreciate owner Jason and Dalia’s curated list of purveyors that include small sustainable farmers and bakers. We’re always willing to pay a little more to support our friends.

Open 8a.m. to 3p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, 435 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa.

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11 thoughts on “Naked Pig | Santa Rosa

  1. after multiple tries before they got their store hours posted- I finally got there today.

    OVER-PRICED!. I had a piece of toast with cheese, 4 tiny slivers of ham, one egg and an it’s salad-10pieces of fancy fu-fu small lettuce..leaves I should have at least paid1/2 of what I did, if not less

  2. I am looking forward to trying the Naked Pig, although I am brought up short by “artisanal” waffles.

  3. Had lunch here while trying to find our way to Spinster Sisters.
    Great salads, sandwichs and exotic drinks! Sit outside on a sunny day for the full effect. Everything we had was top notch! Support these folks, they deserve it.

  4. Are these the Guerrilla Food folks from the SR Original Farmers Market? Their food at the market was always super fresh and extremely tasty!

  5. This is an amazing spot!! The food is great and the service is also wonderful. I wish there were more of these restaurants throughout Sonoma county! Absolutely delicious is all I can say, they are doing a great job with the place and the food.

  6. The food is really, really good.

    I found that place by noticing one of the owners buying a lot of vegetables at the Farmers’ Market and asking what place they were buying for. They were being very careful to cherry pick the best stuff, so I guessed the food would be great.


    1. Just think about it for a moment ———- $ 11.00 Waffle . You will not be around a year from now. I don’t care where your product is from.

      1. The Naked Pig is still here, and hitting it out of the ball park. The $11.00 Whiskey Caramel Waffle you speak of, is one of the best. The biscuits are absolutely amazing, and the mint tea is so tasty. Will continue to stopping in every chance I get. Keep up the good work….

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