Local Sweeties on TV

Andrea Ballus of Sift Dessert Bar and Lisa Marie Kincaid of Fleur de Lisa Wedding Cakes get some serious TV time

Sift's Andrea Ballus
Sift's Andrea Ballus

A certain Sonoma County cupcake empire we’re all come to know (and, uh, carry around the results of on our thighs) is preparing for battle. Sift Dessert Bar (formerly Cupcakery) puts up their buttercream frosted dukes on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars on January 11. They’re not giving away any details — like whether they crumble the competition — but we’re pretty confident they’ll put up a good fight regardless. Stay tuned next week for some sweet details on their new dessert bar menu (hint: it includes some pretty sweet new goodies we’ve gotten a first bite on) and plans for world domination.
Meanwhile the amazing Lisa Marie Kincaid of Fleur de Lisa Wedding Cakes in Santa Rosa will be featured on TLC’s Fabulous Cakes on December 20. The show features a behind-the-scenes look at some of the country’s top pastry chefs. Lisa is one of three Bay Area chefs featured on the episode and is is well known for her wedding cakes.
Just in: We also hear the gals from Patisserie Angelica are getting their moment in the spotlight on Foodcrafters on the Cooking Channel on January 4 at 8:30pm!