Glen Ellen Inn still very much open

A case of mistaken identity has owners of Oyster & Martini Bar shaken

The difference between a capital “I” and a lower case “i” is turning into a capital case of mistaken identity for the Glen Ellen Inn. Recently the Glen Elly Inn Bed and Breakfast in Glen Ellen closed for business. It was reportedly seized for back bed taxes. The Press Democrat reported on Sunday that a “Glen Ellen inn” was seized, ushering in the confusion.
However, Karen & Chris Bertrand, owners of the Glen Ellen Inn Oyster Grill & Martini Bar want folks to know they’re still very much in business and are not affiliated with the Glen Elly folks.
“We woke up this morning with the phone ringing and it has been ringing all day!” said the owners, who fear that friends and customers may think they’re the ones throwing in the towel.
So be assured, their restaurant and secret cottages are still around and they’re eager to see you.
Glen Ellen Inn, Oyster & Martini Bar 13670 Arnold Drive | Glen Ellen, Sonoma, Ca | 95442
Restaurant: (707) 996-6409 | Secret Cottages: (707) 996-1174