Latitude restaurant closes

Rohnert Park restaurant closes

The restaurant portion of Latitude Island Grill in Rohnert Park has closed.  A sign on the restaurant’s door states that they will no longer be serving lunch or dinner but will be open on Friday and Saturday nights as a club and will host special events. Telephone calls to the restaurant were not answered and Open Table is not accepting reservations for the space. Located on Robert’s Lake, Latitude opened in 2003 and was one of several restaurant owned by Left Coast Restaurant Group, which includes Brannans, Flatiron Grill and Checkers in Calistoga.


29 thoughts on “Latitude restaurant closes

  1. Went there frequently for drinks. Fire pits are a wonderful place to hang out, but the drinks are overpriced, and service was always terrible! Hope they keep the outdoor ambiance, but revamp the service.

  2. They messed up or lost my order EVERY single time I went there. After half a dozen tries (my coworkers loved the place), I gave up on it.

  3. I’m actually a past employee, and with all of it’s misses, I’m sad to see it go. To echo the sentiments: when it was good it was good, but when it was bad it was horrible. Some ownership decisions and real quick-fix decisions over the years actually had the opposite affect. The restaurant did begin as a more formal dining experience, which just didn’t work in the Rohnert Park market. After a few years and more focus on guest satisfaction, appropriate use of the space (embracing the outdoor acres and highlighting it as a music venue) things really were taking the restaurant back up a few notches. Guests and employees were happy, for the most part. Then wham- sudden management changes and new menus, and everyone became apathetic. Those who stayed working there did just for the fact of having a job, and it was clear that no one took any pride or ownership in their roles. The club came back, and it could never be what it was. Let’s hope that the future plans for the restaurant include a total re-vamp of the concept, and that the club goes away for good. It’s too destructive on the beautiful property. It’s a gorgeous location and one uncomparable in Sonoma county. I hope we can all have the opportunity to enjoy it again!

  4. “Servers” like those at this place deserve to lose their jobs. Now you won’t be bothered by us customers anymore.

  5. We tend to agree with the other comments. This used to be one of our favorite places to have a drink and a light bite to eat. But, over the past year it has gone downhill substantially as the service degraded and the menu constantly changed for the worse. Nonetheless, it was a nice venue to hang and listen to live music when they had it. Maybe someone will take it over and build and concentrate on that asset. If so, I will be back.

  6. No surprise. The service was terrible. Not only terrible…I felt as if I were an inconvenience for the staff when I wanted to order anything.
    What a great location and island feel. The previous poster stated it very well.
    Maybe with another staff it will be great!

  7. Overall, I’ll miss Latitude. Meals were hit and miss the last few years. Chef and menu changes didn’t help. Calamari kept getting smaller and smaller, and when I found something I liked it would soon disappear from the menu. Nevertheless, I thought they finally were getting it right. The economy just hasn’t come back yet. I don’t know about other people in the area, but I seldom go out to dinner any more. I used to go to Karma Bistro or Latitude, but now they’ve both closed. Karma Bistro had great food but was in a lousy location, and never picked up the student trade. The owners of KB told me they’re doing better now going to farmers’ markets and running a food truck: less overhead, better hours. And I hear yet another long-time Cotati haunt is also closing. People are staying home and, when they do go out, they want their food to be exceptional.

  8. I agree, the place sucked. My “salad” was a half a head of lettuce with ceaser dressing.
    Re: the comment about the casino; I hope we stop that thing! If it ever gets built you can forget using 101 ever again!

  9. Good riddance to L’attitude, and thank you for the warning that other places are under the same ownership.
    I went there twice. First time, the receptionist ignored then treated me as if I were a tax collector, so I left without getting a table. Second time was a company event. The food was on the low end of mediocre, and the service was haphazard. The experience was not something that I would have been at all happy paying for.

  10. Sad it was a beautiful place and a great patio to eat lunch at. i agree that the food has been hit or miss for awhile now.. hope it can rise from the ashes. the owners are great and location still holds promise.

  11. Completely agree with the service issues- and the food was good and bad. What I loved about this place is the bar, and the island feel. It is a very cool place to hang out on a warm evening, listen to live music, and feel a little bit like you’re on vacation. Hope that part stays!

  12. RP has historically not supported a high end restaurant, so I don’t see that happening. Lattitude does have a great location, but they made their money on Sunday Brunch and the music/bar scene. Those will be available at the casino, and the casino is likely to keep a low price point for the buffet. That pretty much leaves family-friendly, modestly priced comfort food; (yawn).

  13. After some mediocre dinners with lackluster food and apathetic service, the time they ran out of food at the Sunday Brunch buffet was enough for me.
    I never went back again.
    No loss. “What about a bunch of people losing their jobs?” Note that I mentioned apathetic service.

  14. Most restaurants are overpriced for the largely ordinary fare they serve. Instead of over thinking, a new owner should copy one of the diners on the Triple D TV show.

  15. Not a surprise. It’s been on a consistent downturn for a while now.
    Too bad, as when it was good, it was very good.

  16. If the service was better and the price points were reasonable it wouldn’t have closed. You’re not entitled to a job, you have to earn it. Went there once and never went back again, apparently I wasn’t alone. See ya!

  17. Oh darn. Another beautiful space wasted by bad food and a bad crowd. No big loss here. Hopefully someone with enough knowledge and skills can turn that space into something attractive.

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