Latitude, Doc Hollidays become Flipside restaurants

Restaurateur Nino Rabbaa expands his restaurant group with anticipated brewpub and steakhouse in 2013.

Rabbaa in 2010 at Rendez Vous

Local restaurateur Nino Rabbaa is expanding his empire of restaurants in Sonoma County with news that he’ll be opening two new restaurants in 2013. The biggest, which is still in concept development, will be Flipside Brewhouse in the former Latitude Restaurant location (5000 Roberts Lake Drive) in Rohnert Park. That restaurant closed in 2010 and the large, indoor-outdoor space has been empty since despite several nibbles by local restaurant owners.

Rabbaa will also open Flipside Steakhouse in the former Ritas-turned-Doc Hollidays in Santa Rosa. The karoake bar at 138 Calistoga Road closed in 2011, followed by the short-lived restaurant and bar. Rabbaa says he’ll be doing construction on the space over the next few months and hopes to reopen as a neighborhood restaurant and bar.

Rabbaa’s SoCo Hospitality Group includes Rendez Vous Bistro, Flipside Bar & Burger, Space XXV Lounge (which opened in late October), Chez Vous Catering and Lakeside Grill at Spring Lake.

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15 thoughts on “Latitude, Doc Hollidays become Flipside restaurants

  1. i am so stoked to hear that latitudes found a new owner…Nino you will do great …yayyyy..this was my play ground for a few years ..brought a lot of my friends/clients/associates here and often wondered if i could take over that beautyfull place ..i am friends also with the previous owners that did a fabu;ous job in administrating and follow through ..i am so exhited…and please keep it a place for the happy ..i look forward…..hurry up ;p
    it was an experience helping at the x-mas eve day serving last year …it brings light to our daily living in a closer perspective ..thank you also for that experience , you have a great soul Nino..with deep admiration ,frauka (my son Nino,and daughter Steph )

  2. I am looking forward to a good restaurant coming to the former Latitude site. The waterside dining was wonderful. I like Rendezvous, and have heard good things about Flipside Burger on 3rd St.
    Please do not alienate RP locals, like Latitude did towards the end. Let families bring their gang to eat good food. Latitude was wonderful when it first opened, then slid downhill to a “singles” bar scene crowd, with really, really sloppy customer service. I stopped going,even though the food USED to be great. Even took SF friends to the patio dining, for a nice sunshiney lunch. Waited 20 minutes for a menu, 20 minutes for the drinks, 30 minutes for the food…not a great experience.
    RP needs great restaurant, great food, fair pricing and friendly to the families that live here.
    I wish much success with the new plans for this site.

  3. I haven’t been to Rendezvous (yet) but every time I’ve gone to Flipside, it’s been a great experience. Service has always been excellent- to the point that twice I found the manager to tell him so (something I rarely do.) Food has been consistently good, well priced, and it’s easy to get in and out of there relatively quickly- which is great because of their proximity to the movie theaters.

    There was a lot of negative buzz when Rendevous first opened up and, I admit, it likely played a role in my never having gone there- but whatever kinks there had been in service and food- they seemed to have worked them out with Flipside and hopefully that will carry over to these new places.

  4. i sure hope they get rid of those god awful mugs they serve their beer at Flipside Burgers before he considers opening a “Brewpub”. If he gave those things his stamp of approval he has no business opening anything to do with beer.

  5. I haven’t heard of one good thing about Flipside. I’ve walked in there a few times with my associates and friends to check their closing time since there were diners and said open on Yelp. NOT ONE person greeted us while they stood around; seemed as if they intentionally ignored us to “hint” they were closing. I’ve heard from one person that Rendevouz was good but that’s about it. I go out to eat just about every day of the week with friends, family and associates. I really hope Filpside brewery will actually have customer service PLUS have really good food, since it doesn’t sound like the other restaurants are any good. Is he too busy planning and opening up more restaurants instead of hiring good employees??

    1. I agree that good customer service is essential when deciding on returning to a business; either an eatery or otherwise. If the food is good, but service bad, I never return. If service is good and food bad, I never return. If you have professional, pleasant greeters and servers, and a darn good chef, I will return again and again, and bring friends and spread the word.

  6. Feels good to hear new life will be churning in both venues. My request is for Flip Side to offer delicious Gluten Free options and more Vegetarian options. I think American comfort food is changing to incorporate new diets, and the restaurants that reflect this are so appreciated. Rosso’s is a great example.

  7. Bummer.

    I was hoping we’d get something in that space other than what will likely be another mediocre 3-Yelp-star restaurant from Rabaa. Rincon Valley is in desperate need of some good eats.

      1. If Nino has seven restaurants, including three with the Flipside name, is it not a chain? At what point does it become one?

    1. you should probably spell his name right and give it a shot before you destroy the idea. i promise it will be better than rita’s and doc holidays.

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