Jeffrey Madura returns with breakfast spot

Former John Ash & Co. chef to open a breakfast and lunch spot in Santa Rosa

madura.jpgI’ve been tracking down former John Ash & Co. chef, Jeffrey Madura for months, after hearing he had a new project in the works. Well, the persistence paid off because Madura is finally talking about his new restaurant — called Jeffrey’s Hillside Cafe”, set to open late summer.
The much-loved chef left his post last July after nearly 20 years, saying that we wanted to spend more time with his family. Seems he couldn’t leave his passion for cooking behind, but he will be saying goodbye to the late nights. Madura’s struck a deal with Bob Coombs of the Hillside Inn to take over the hotel-owners’ Fourth St. restaurant (remember the buckwheat pancakes?), serving only breakfast and lunch.
The menu’s still in development, but Madura says he’s planning to have the usual breakfast items, along with some interesting additions like fromage blanc blintzes with seasonal berries and a tofu scramble with shiitake mushrooms. Lunch is burgers, sandwiches, salads, quiche, pot roast, pasta, chicken piccata, etc. (according to the chef), along with old fashioned milkshakes and smoothies. 2901 4th St, Santa Rosa, (707) 546-9353.
And just a few blocks from Hank’s Creekside…Stay tuned for more details.
No worries at Carmen’s Burger Bar
A couple folks were curious what was up at local burgery, Carmen’s when they saw a change of ownership sign. No worries, it’s just some admin stuff, changing from a corporation to a sole proprietorship. Your buns and shakes are safe and sound. 1612 Terrace Way, Santa Rosa,  (707) 546-6317.

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14 thoughts on “Jeffrey Madura returns with breakfast spot

  1. The restaurant at Hillside Inn is open. I went to lunch and had a delicious shrimp poorboy and those sweet potato fries were better than those of a big time breakfast, brunch, lunch place in New York City. Will be hitting breakfast soon and hopefully this time will have room for a milkshake or smoothie.
    They are brand new and watching everybody scramble around was fun. The wait staff wanted to sample the great food so badly. Hope they had a chance to get some.

  2. Can’t wait for the new breakfast place! Love blintzes, too. However, what buckwheat pancakes? How come I have never even heard of the Hillside Inn Restaurant?? I only have lived on its hill for 32 years and must have driven by it a 1000+ times. I love buckwheat pancakes and had no idea. Am really fond of breakfast out. I often search for breakfast spots although Willowwood is now the best around. I go to Big 3 occasionally–more so in the past. (Not a fan of Hank’s. ) I have now found the closed Hillside Inn Restaurant too late for the buckwheat. Any other hidden restaurants you aren’t telling us about?

  3. Ned, we’re also long-time Hillside fans and are thrilled that Mr. Madura is taking over. We wouldn’t worry about “froo-froo” food. We’re sure it will still be homey and delicious-and with an artist’s touch. Big welcome to the neighborhood, Mr. Madura!!!

  4. Right on. I had the pleasure of working under him briefly at John Ash and he’s an immensely talented chef- not to mention a great guy. Can’t wait to check out his new digs!

  5. Best of luck to the job applicant but I somehow think replying to a blog post written by a third party is not the best way to apply for a job at a restaurant.

  6. As a long time Hillside customer, I am thrilled that reopening is a reality.
    However, I am not sure about the new cuisine and froo-froo food.

  7. Considering my outfit today, I might need to take her up on those “Costumer” services. Heh.

  8. She’s trying, if she’s not BS’ing, cut her some slack. When is the last time you gave a damn about your chef’s spelling grade?

  9. – I’m all about costumer service and can supply excellant references. –
    Costumer service? Is that where you fit people with costumes? I trust the “excellant” references won’t mention your spelling skills?
    Hint: Proofreading is a GOOD thing.

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