Ike’s Place open in Santa Rosa

Behold, the Dirty Sauce.

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Bay Area sandwich sensation, Ike’s Place, is finally open.

Housed in the former Merv’s Little Super (1780 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa), it’s a location rich with history. And now, rich with Dirty Sauce.

The garlicy-mayo spread is just part of the secret mojo that goes into a list of 200-plus sandwich combinations that have made the Bay Area sub shop legendary. As in so legendary, it’s SF Castro location faced eviction from neighbors tired of the lines out the door.

So what to order? Faced with a dizzying selection of both meaty and meat-free choices (including several nods to locals including the Charles Schulz, Luther Burbank and SRJC Bear Cub), the choice for a food writer sort of leaps out: The Adam RichmanWith fried (halal) chicken, honey, avocado, ham, dirty sauce and a Dutch crunch roll, it’s not a stretch to say: Best. Sandwich. Ever.

It’s been a long, long, long wait, but we’re glad to welcome owner Ike Shehadeh and the Ike’s Crew.

Oh, and BiteClub’s nominating the “Merv’s Lil Super” (with Slim Jim’s, sliced hot dogs, mozzarella sticks, Dirty Sauce, hot sauce and just a dash of malt liquor) as a sandwich worth considering.

1780 Mendocino Ave. at Dexter St., Santa Rosa.