Hooters in Rohnert Park?

Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined eatery considers home in Rohnert Park

Rohnert Park correspondent Joelle Burnette reports that the town will consider an application from Hooters Restaurant to open at 6099 Redwood Drive.

Yes, you heard right. Hooters. Though the cheeky double entendre and skimpily clad Hooter Girls seem almost ridiculously tame after a decade of stripper chic and heroine fashion, there’s no doubt the restaurant will raise a few eyebrows. Uh, among other things.

Because really, who goes to Hooters for the food? Okay, the wings are kind of good admittedly. But the saucy chain hasn’t exactly made it’s reputation by offering family-friendly entertainment.

What’s surprising is that the chain recently went through significant contraction, closing dozens of restaurants primarily in the northeast and south due to ownership changes within the company. What’s not surprising is that Rohnert Park, along with the area around Coddingtown Mall in Santa Rosa are becoming increasingly chain-friendly despite years of Sonoma County actively discouraging ubiquitous national restaurants in favor of local eateries. BiteClub has heard rumors of several large national chains sniffing around.

And while more dining choices are always good, and growth is a sign that maybe — just maybe — the economy is getting better, it’s a devil’s bargain. Renowned for our farm-to-table restaurants, it would be a shame to become a giant strip mall dominated by Chevy’s, Macaroni Grill and the Cheesecake Factory. Local mom and pops just can’t compete.

Then again, since strip clubs are officially outlawed north of the Golden Gate, Hooters Girls and a basket of hot wings may be the most titillating show we’ve got in Wine Country. Not to mention…classy!

What’s your take?