Holiday Meals on a Budget: Dinner for 8 under $75

Can you feed eight people for under $75 this holiday? Recipes for Holiday Meals on a Budget

Holidays on a Budget Dinner

Holidays on a Budget Dinner
Holidays on a Budget Dinner

Yes, Virginia, you can actually feed eight adults a locally-sourced, sustainable healthy holiday dinner for under $75? You just have to believe.

BiteClub and Angela Wooton of teamed up with Chef Christopher Hanson (my partner in cooking crime) to create the ultimate holiday meals on a budget this year.

Ginger Spice Cookies
Here’s the Menu:

Sonoma County Meat Company’s Hamlette (a petite smoked ham around $24)
– Creamed Kale with bacon (bacon can be eliminated for a vegetarian version)
– Glazed roasted cabbage steaks
– Mashed potatoes
– Fresh Cranberry Sauce
– Citrus Salad with Orange Blossom sauce
– Cheese straws
– Ginger spice cookies

Citrus Salad
Citrus Salad

It took less than two hours to create the dinner (okay we had a couple people, but several items could be made ahead) at G + G Market’s Ginger Grill Kitchen. Our appreciative audience gave rave reviews. We think you will too.

(Most produce was purchased at G+G Market, pantry staples like flour, sugar and spices weren’t figured in).

Sonoma County Meat Company's Hamlette
Sonoma County Meat Company’s Hamlette

You can download a PDF packet (DemoRecipes PDF) with most of the recipes and great tips on shopping for sustainable food when you’re pinching pennies. We ad-libbed the citrus salad (which was just a variety of oranges and grapefruit sliced into circles and dressed with orange blossom water, sugar and vanilla), and reached into the archive for Amy Meier’s Sugar and Spice Cookies cookies from the BiteClub Cookie contest.

Check out the Foodies Project, a great local Meetup group that brings people and producers together in really fun ways.