Haute hamburgers: A little bit PBR, a little bit Grey Goose

Luxe hamburgers are my official food of The Economic Downturn. Straddling the increasingly disparate worlds of white tablecloths versus paper plates, they’re comfort food with class. A little bit PBR, a little bit Grey Goose.
Gobbling upscale hamburgers made with pedigreed beef, drizzled with aoili, tarted up with house made pickles and truffled fries feels like a ridiculous indulgence at a bargain-basement price. Consider them your entree into some of the area’s best restaurants on a lunchtime budget.
Not that a good burger won’t run you upwards of $10-$15 — an eye-popping amount for the Mickey D’s set. A cost-per-bite steal for Michelin-rated restaurants.
What’s worth the price? BiteClub navigates the grills to get the lowdown in a continuing investigation. Keep in mind that many of these burgers are only available during lunch.
Mike’s at the Crossroads KRUSH burger
It’s hardly haute, sitting on ripped vinyl and sipping out of a “Stolen from Mike’s” tumbler, but the KRUSH burger
brings a touch of class — and Zinfandel glaze — to this
hole-in-the-wall joint. Extra credit: Fries on Friday, really flavorful
meat, sauteed mushrooms, onions and garlic. Minus: Buns can’t withstand
all the deliciousness. You’ll do better to lose the top bun and eat it
with a fork. $9.25
Mike’s at the Crossroads: 7665 Old Redwood Hwy., Cotati, (707) 665-9999