Gotta-have-it gifts for the gourmet

The holidays are so delish. Especially when they involve gifts for me. I’ve consulted my own wish list, along with recommendations from my very own gourmet elves and come up with some top treats for the food-lover in your life.

1. Bacon Peanut Brittle
Bacon. Peanut Brittle. Together in an unholy matrimony. Rejoice. Bacon Peanut Brittle, $21.95 for one pound at Grateful Palate.

2. ABC Cookie Cutters
In case you’re not up on your third grade humor, ABC stands for Already Been Chewed. Now isn’t that appetizing? Serve up a plate full of gingerbread men missing various body parts. Just like mom used to make. Available at

3. Helping Hand
Give yourself a little pat on the back with these nifty hand-shaped salad tongs (preferably before you add the dressing, or things could get messy.) So much easier than old-fashioned tongs and much more polite than using your fingers. Nigella Lawson Bliss Serving Hands, $16.95, available on

4. Egg Pants
An egg needs pants about as much as a chicken needs lips. Which is why this soft-boiled egg steady-er is so perfect for your breakfast table. Forget Sponge Bob. You’ve got egg pants. Egg Pants: Set of two for $20 at

5. Spoon me
Kitchen utensils with pizzazz. One might even say a bit of pluckiness. Striped spoon set, $15 for two, available at

6. Apron Envy
Whether you’ve got this hot little number over your holiday best, or well, nothing at all (under the mistletoe?), you’ll be Santa’s favorite helper. Jessie Steele makes housedresses hip with flirty halter aprons that flatter the figure. Holiday Apron, $32.95 at

Sneaky veggies
Moms all around town have been gushing about Deceptively Delicious, a new cookbook with good-for-kids recipes featuring hidden cruciferous goodies, sublimated sweet potatoes and more. Feel good about pulling a fast one on the tots. Decptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld, $14.97, at

7. Peppermint Shots
Toss back the holiday spirits in edible peppermint shot glasses that keep your breath fresh and taste delightful. It’s a Christmas miracle. Now, pass the Rumplemintz. Available at, $6.50 for two.

Salt Lick
Stuff this little piggy with salt, sugar or other pinchables while you cook. Cute as a sow’s ear. And way more practical in the kitchen. Nigella Lawson Mini Salt Pig $16.95, available on

9. Edgy brownies
True brownie-lovers (and really, who isn’t?) dive for the crunchy edges as soon as the pan’s cool. The rest? Pah. You can have it. So elation, joy and happiness at the new Baker’s Edge Brownie pan that makes every bite so very edgy. $34 at

10. Pinch Bowls
Just a sniggle, a titch, a nibblet. Tiny silicone bowls for holding mini bits of goodness. Set of four, for $5.99 at