Fresh: Beta

Lisa Hemenway's new store isn't quite ready for prime-time, but gives locals a sneak peek

Lisa Hemenway’s much-anticipated eat-in/take-out marketplace is officially open — for a sneak peek.

“I’m not sure if there has ever been a more anticipated opening. People have been literally banging on the doors to get in. As of Saturday, the paper has come down. Bowing to public demand, Lisa wanted to allow the locals to get a sneak peek,” said Jenifer Levini, on behalf of Hemenway.
So if you’re jonesing to get a first look the coffee shop is percolating and the pizza ovens cooking 4 types of pizza: Margarita; Pancetta & Artichoke; Roasted Eggplant & Onion with Feta; Wild Mushroom & Smoked Mozzarella. The deli cases are being stocked as Hemenway trains the staff, and much of the fresh produce is in place. The wine and beer bar is open, and local poultry and duck breasts are ready to take home.
If you want the full Fresh experience, you may want to wait a few more weeks as staff finish pricing cheese, dairy and other stock while learning the ropes. Table service, the full deli and finishing touches are rolling out in stages, and Hemenway is clear that the marketplace isn’t totally ready for its close-up just yet. “Please bear with us as we approach the ‘real’ opening in a week or two,” says Lisa’s Facebook page.
So consider this your Beta of Fresh. With subsequent updates coming your way throughout the next few months.
Fresh, open 8am to 8pm daily, 5755 Mountain Hawk Way, Santa Rosa.


11 thoughts on “Fresh: Beta

  1. What are Arlen and Esteban talking about?
    Did they even read the article, it’s about Lisa’s big opening.
    Their comments do not make any sense or relate to the topic.
    Regarding the new Hemenway’s
    I am looking forward to checking it out soon, loved her old place in Montgomery Village years ago.

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  4. Tried a special of the day pizza and pesto green beans from the deli case. WONDERFUL! I knew it would be. Lisa is serious about putting our quality and creative foods. Will be back for more.

  5. Even with the soft launch, Lisa doesn’t disappoint. The space is beautiful and unique; unlike any other in SR. We had a deli lunch at the seated tables inside on Monday and it was the BEST Reuben either of us had ever had. She will do incredibly well – always has!

  6. I guess Hubba Hubba hasn’s seen any updated photos lately. She’s very much overrated. I’d rather go to Village or Whole Foods (now 2 locations in Santa Rosa).

    1. I’m actually pretty stoked to try her deli case stuff. I remember LOVING her place in Montgomery Village when I was a kid.
      i tried a bunch of deli stuff at the Skyhawk market (previously) and I ALWAYS want to love the WHole Foods Deli stuff, but both of them suffer from the blandies. Underseasoned, ho-hum food that always looks better than it tastes.

  7. Stopped by a few day ago, seemed a little too much like the old Village Market ver. 2.0 Same equiptment, same layout, same options, only the prices seem higher, a throw rug on the concrete and less groceries.
    Not sure of the concept (Restaurant? Pizzeria? Deli? Wine Bar?) I felt Village Market suffered from the same idenity crisis. Wishing you the best of luck – no one wants an empty businesses in the neighborhood. How about a few low carb options? Will take another look once everything is up and running.

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