Food obsessed

Back by popular demand: Fatt Hos at Della Fattoria. Think homemade Ho Hos–those delightful little rolled sponge cakes layered with pastry cream and drenched in chocolate. Della Fattoria, 141 Petaluma Blvd. N. (bet. Washington St. & Western Ave.), Petaluma, 707.763.0161.

Ubuntu almost open: Napa’s new restaurant/yoga studio has attracted top Bay Area toques (most notably Jeremy Fox of Manresa) for its mid-August launch and locals are already buzzing about the vegetable-focused menu. The restaurant will rely heavily on its own biodynamic gardens (stay tuned for more on chef gardens) but promises to satisfy omnivores looking for something a little heartier. Ubuntu, 1140 Main St., Napa.

Details are fuzzy on the possibility of a new restaurant in Sebastopol slated to open this fall; The Sonoma Sun reports that Shiso owner Ed Metcalfe has announced plans to open a new steakhouse in the Sonoma County Airport called SkyLounge (click here to see a menu) and the rumors you’ve heard about the General’s Daughter are all true. Foodies have been abuzz about Chef Preston Dishman’s spicy Southern take on Wine Country classics, but when winemaking kings David Ramey and Mike Benziger are both spotted in the restaurant on the same night there’s clearly something special in the air.

Some buzz about the new barVino in Calistoga. The Left Coast-owned (Brannan’s, Latitude, Checkers) Italian trattoria has been garnering thumbs-up for its small plates and and convivial vibe as meet-up spot in the usually sleepy resort town. Though the restaurant was reportedly opened by Brannan’s executive chef Jeff Jake (doing double duty), we noticed a recent Craigslist ad seeking top chefs for both Brannan’s and barVino. Has Jeff left the building?

Finally, I can’t help but mention the Baconator. Wendy’s recently introduced a double patty, double cheese hamburger with six slices of smoky bacon. Just one of these puppies will set yoiu back about half a day’s worth of calories (830) and 51 grams of fat. So wrong it’s right? Or just wrong?

Watch the ad. It’s so worth it.