Five Guys Burgers, Ike’s to Santa Rosa

Five Guys Burger and sandwichery Ike's Place join the franchise tsunami in SR

Virginia-based Five Guys Burgers & Fries, a burgery that engenders the same kind of fanatical fast-food following as In-N-Out and is an Obama favorite, will soon open in Santa Rosa.  The East-Coast franchise will be hiring 50-70 employees in the next few weeks and is slated for a February opening in the Mendocino Marketplace.
Also opening on Mendocino Ave. is Ike’s Place, a popular SF sandwichery recently embroiled in a series of real estate snafus. Best known for their “dirty sauce”, and ,uh, creatively-named sandwiches (the Lizzy’s Lips, Spiffy Tiffy, Fat Bastard, Pizzle), the location is in a former convenience mart near Santa Rosa Junior College.
Let the franchise tsunami continue!


30 thoughts on “Five Guys Burgers, Ike’s to Santa Rosa

  1. Five Guys will be opening at the Safeway Center on Mendocino Avenue around Feb 15th. I was at the Starbucks today and spoke to one of the construction crew. The burger was rated by Zagat as #1 in the country and fries #2 in the country. If you haven’t had Five Guys I’d suggest you taste for yourself when they open for business.

    1. Five Guys is fast casual, not fast food. There is a bit of a wait to get your order, but their goal is to make the best burger in America. Zagat agrees – best burger in America for 2010! I have cravings for the food….

  2. Superburger makes the best burgers, and great fries. Enough for 2+. Old fashioned counter with great service. Even if burgers cost $6.00, they are worth it. I don’t drink shakes, but they make each one with a mixer.

  3. Get off your lazy butts and drive to Bodega Bay and catch your seafood and make it your self. In and Out Burger is a joke, I’ll take a Whooper any day.

  4. I’ve heard that 5 Guys do make some amazing burgers, but a couple caveats are in odrer:
    1. As others have pointed out, the burgers are not cheap.
    2. There’s also nothing “fast” about the “fast food” they serve. It’s cooked to order, so don’t plan on them handing your food to you as soon as you pay. You’re going to have to wait a bit.
    But I hear the burger is worth the price and the wait.

  5. Agree. No more burger join.
    We need some decent seafood restaurants or a decent buffet place such as Golden Coral or Hometown.

  6. If it weren’t for burger joints, there wouldn’t be anyplace to eat in SR! How about some semi-affordable Seafood like McCormick and Schmicks or the Fish Market?

    1. I agree…. there are no seafood places around here… let’s go Santa Rosa, no more burger joints, they’re on every corner!

  7. Five Guys is awesome! Love being able to get fresh jalapenos on my burger, a huge selection of toppings and one serving of fries easily feeds two. No more In-N-Out for me with Five Guys around!!

    1. rg, so you’d rather pay 99 cents for garbage from Burger King? Whatever floats your boat my friend….a $6 burger isn’t exactly breaking the bank and atleast what you’re eating isn’t from some cow with an ulcer the size of a basketball.

      1. You know your cow patty had no ulcer how? Where did I say I ate at burger king? It is breaking the bank compared to a lot of places. U go to in and out for six bucks you burger fries and drink. FOr six bucks I can get full at el pollo loco,

        1. If the burger by itself is $6 then I agree, that’s kinda pricey. I didn’t know that part. But just like In-N-Out, it’s not something you wanna eat EVERY day. So treating yourself every now and then to a whopping $6 burger isn’t too bad. And trust me, I don’t make alot of money so I hear what you’re saying.

          1. maybe not 6 even but 5.69 and fries are Regular Fries
            Cost: $2.59. Thats from the website for one in Fremont.

  8. I can tell you that Five Guys makes In N Out seem like a McDonald’s in white clothing….Five Guys makes the MOST amazing burgers, dogs and fries you’ve EVER had. I never understood the hoopla over In n Out, having had the Five Guys experience….get ready Sonoma County!!!!!!!

    1. As a current resident of Virginia… you’re crazy. Five Guys is good, but their burgers are absolutely not better than In-n-Out. They do have incredible fries, however, and the bacon dogs are awesome.

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