Five French Rosés Under $15 for Bastille Day

For the Francophile in you, here are five rosés to uncork on July 14th.



There’s a growing population of Francophiles in America who will be celebrating Bastille Day Thursday and beyond. Surprisingly, more than 50 U.S. cities have annual celebrations, with some stretching their festivities over a week. The hoopla on both sides of the pond will commemorate the French Revolution of 1789 and the birth of the Republic.

For the ever-expanding pool of Francophiles, here are 5 French rosés under $15 to uncork for the Bastille Day celebration: 

Lavau, 2015 Tavel, Rhone Valley, France Rosé, 12.5%, $14.
This is a tasty rosé that will turn heads. It has racy acidity, and notes of watermelon, raspberry and mineral. Great balance. Refreshing. Tangy finish. (50% grenache, 45% cinsault and 5% syrah.)

Chateau Routas, 2015 Coteaux Varois en Provence, France Rosé, 13.5%, $11.
In this rosé, full on watermelon dominates, and it finishes nice and dry, with a note of crisp mineral. (45% cinsault, 35% grenache, 20% syrah.)

Chateau de Brigue, 2012 Cotes de Provence Rosé, 12.5%, $8.
This is a delicate rosé, with notes of raspberry, strawberry and watermelon on the finish. Bright acidity. Great balance. Tasty. (50% grenache, 25% cinsault, 25% cabernet.)

Triennes, 2015 Nans-Les-Pins, France, $12 Rosé, 13%, $12.
This rosé has up front wild strawberry. Notes of watermelon and mineral play back up. Crisp finish. Lovely. (No breakdown offered.)

Chateau de Campuget, 2015 Costieresde Nimes, France Rosé, 13%, $9.
This dry rosé has bright red berries, with a hint of watermelon. Crisp acidity. Nice length. It’s a smart budget pick. (30% grenache noir, 70% syrah)