Eating for a cause

After months…and months…and months of waiting, a new Cafe des Croissant/Grateful Bagel has opened on the corner of Brookwood and 4th St. One of the few bakeries in the SR (why is that, anyway?), their croissants never fail to leave the bag, my fingers, most of the inside of my car and several handfuls of napkins delightfully greasy–a pretty good sign that they’ve used plenty of butter.

If you haven’t been in a while, check out their mini croissants, which, at the very least, make you seem like less of an oinker when you order three…or four…or, well, six.

They’ve also created the new “Sweet Laura” croissant, a cinnamon sugar filled confection with icing on top. Though it’s plenty sweet, the story behind it is heartbreaking: Laura Leslie was a young mother who, after a 5-year battle with cancer, died this summer and left behind three young children. For the next 4 years at the new location, they’ll donate all proceeds from the sales of this croissant to the family.