Eat your veggies: They’re Xtreme!

Baby Carrots get a $25 million makeover. Will it change the way we think about veggies? Probably not.

So, apparently baby carrots went and got all cool on us when we weren’t looking. You know, those little shaved-down nubbins of carrot (you didn’t think they actually grew that way) that are the perfect size for dipping into some ranch. Or blue cheese dressing. Or clam dip.
Word is that the baby carrot growers are shelling out $25 million to make this sweet and crunchy little vegetable your teen’s new best friend – instead of that bag of Doritos.
A flood of quirky ads, an iPhone game, a high-energy website and carrot vending machines are among the roll-out, pitching folks to eat ’em like junk food.  Cha, right.
But really, you gotta applaud the effort, because for all the billions and billions shelled out by the processed food industry, this is a considerable venture by the produce industry to market (shocker) healthy food. Behind the campaign are a number of large-scale carrot growers led by Bolthouse Farms, of California.

Of course, nothing’s perfect: There’s plenty of controversy about the processing and complete nutrition of these “babies”, but in the end, we all have to admit that eating a carrot of any stripe is probably better than eating a bag of cheese puffs.
Do you buy it? Is it a good idea to try and repackage something healthy to look like something naughty? Do you think it will work? Sound off.

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One thought on “Eat your veggies: They’re Xtreme!

  1. I think it could work. I guess I compare it to last year’s pistachio marketing campaign. That company’s sales went up 233%. Could do the same for baby carrots.

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