Dunkin Donuts Coming to Petaluma?

Could the East Coast franchise finally be coming to the North Bay? All signs point to yes.

For those of us who grew up with Fred the Baker, “time to make the donuts” is a legendary catch-phrase. If you’ve grown up on the West Coast, you’ll probably have no idea what we’re talking about, but the Dunkin’ Donuts advertising campaign of the 1980s and 1990s featured a mustachioed man rising impossibly early to make 52 flavors of donuts.


Poor Fred, who even now is a poster boy for anyone who slogs to a job every morning. At least he got to make donuts.

Now, it seems to be time to eat the donuts in Petaluma. A Dunkin Donuts franchise is advertising for positions in Southern Sonoma County, though the DD website doesn’t have any information to back up the claim. Yet. UPDATE: A Biteclubber informs us that ‘It’s in the new Friedman’s shopping center on N. McDowell… there’s a “coming soon” sign up’. Thanks!

So we’re left waiting and salivating over the hope of a bag of Munchkins donut holes, the jelly-filled, strawberry frosted, sprinkled and powdered donuts of our childhood.

Time to make the douts, Fred.

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10 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts Coming to Petaluma?

  1. May I suggest under your Types of Food column, you might add a Vegan and Vegetarian category? There is a large and growing population of potential customers for our local restaurants, with hundreds more coming into the area every weekend from other counties alone, and it would be very nice to have a source for easily finding and enjoying a meal out. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your suggestion, when dining out that is the first thing I look for since we have many friends and family members who are either vegetarian or vegan. Any place that serves exotic meats, is the first place off our list.

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