DIY and Buy Local at These Sonoma County Makerspaces, Fairs and Shops

The holiday season is a great time to check out the local maker culture, buy Sonoma-made treats or try your hand at making your own gifts.

The word “craftsman” evokes age-old images: a carpenter at his scarred wooden bench, a glassblower at the furnace, a mud-spattered potter hunched over her wheel. These images have always depicted common themes: dedication to excellence, hard work, and the art of making.

In recent years, the idea of “making” has expanded. In addition to traditional craftspeople, there are now a growing number who harness the latest technology — 3D printers, computerized milling machines, DIY YouTube clips — to create finely wrought things.

These 21st century “makers,” although practicing different disciplines, share a common philosophy. Like members of the Arts and Crafts movement before them, they yearn to recover a lost authenticity and sense of community.

In Sonoma County, the maker ethos is well represented: in restaurants, wineries, breweries, and cafes; in factories, bakeries, studios, and boutiques. Whether you’re an aspiring maker — apprentice, journeyman, or master — or simply a person who appreciates good craftsmanship, there’s plenty to discover here.

Listed in the above gallery are a few local spots where you can immerse yourself in the maker culture this holiday season. Meet makers while purchasing special treats, or try your hand at making your own gifts. Of course, there are more places to explore, so consider this just the beginning of your maker-adventure.