Cocktail hour at Cyrus

The cocktail menu at Cyrus reads like a J. Peterman catalog, minus the quirky illustrations of wrinkle-free travel dresses.

But it has that same breathless, exotic quality that compells you to spend 10 minutes ignoring your martini (and your date) learning about the history of Mexican Coke, hand-crafted vodkas and why Rangpur limes are so darn good in your drink.

And like the J. Peterman catalog, you really have no choice but to buy the aforementioned products–price be damned–just to live the dream. You’d be crazy not to. Because who in their right mind would turn down a drink decorated with orange foam, flower blossoms and dried lotus chips?

There are some things in life that are just wonderfully decadent experiences. And there are some things in life that are well worth the price. Cocktails at Cyrus happen to be both.

(Just make sure you get an extra lotus chip or two. The bartender infuses, reduces, flavors and dries them himself.)

The bar at Cyrus Restaurant, 29 North St., Healdsburg, 707.433.3311.

Don’t miss: Lotus Potion, made with mandarin vodka, orange blossoms, orange and Meyer lemon juice, 5 spice honey, bitters and a crispy vanilla lotus chip: $10.