China Room Closes

Longtime Chinese restaurant in Santa Rosa mysteriously shutters

Sign at the China Room

Sign at the China Room

Details are slim, but the popular China Room restaurant (500 Mission Blvd., Santa Rosa) has closed — at least temporarily. The restaurant states that it is closed for remodeling until further notice. The restaurant has served Santa Rosa since 1988.

I dropped by the other day to peek on the window, and it appears that most of the furniture is still inside. Whether or not the restaurant will re-open is unclear.


11 thoughts on “China Room Closes

  1. Mandarin in Bennet Vally on Yulupa near The Dollar Tree, Safeway and Starbucks is our FAVORITE. The customer service is amazing and the food is excellent. A+++ in our books.

  2. As someone who has owned a restaurant, “Closed for Remodeling” is the term used for “Closed Forever”. We just have to come to grips with the realization that the time to close has come. As for the China Room, it was always my favorite Chinese Restaurant in the North Bay. Maybe parking in that little lot turned people away. Who nows? I wish them the best.

    1. Mr Swagler, have you plans to reopen another BarBQue restaurant? I miss Locals so much.
      It was the best.

  3. China room was our go to place for Christmas Dinner. It will be missed by the Jewish community who fulfilled that tradition every year. (Chinese food and the movies)

  4. Heather – Just curious as to why every other Bite Club post gives you opportunities to post comments except for the one featuring Nino Rabba ? Are you in his back pocket too?

    1. It went up on the front page of the PD, and when that happens I get a flood of anonymous nastiness making all sort of ridiculous accusations. I have, for years, kept the comments on BiteClub open to anyone, because I want to encourage community. But I won’t abide trolls just trying to stir up divisiveness.

      With so much recent tragedy I just don’t feel like dealing with any more hate than I have to right now. It’s not useful to anyone and speaks only to a few individuals’ mental health issues.

      If you’re eager to say something, feel free to “Like” Biteclub on Facebook and have it out there where people can see who they’re dealing with.

      1. Nicely said, Heather. This is simple, informative news about food. Chill out and enjoy the holidays, people.

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